Back to the drawing board it seems!

My daughter as honestly a breeze to discipline, say no and she’ll stop or leave it alone for instance. And now she’s coming up for 4, she’s trying to push the boundaries but honestly I just threaten to shout (she hates shouting)  and she instantly stops!

Now on the other hand there is my monster of a son. To him no means carry on! He just doesn’t seem to respond to anything. He’s 21months and so his understanding is limited ? I’m considering starting a naughty spot with him but is he to young? Will he understand? Or am I just going to spend the entire day putting him back after he wonders off?? 

I feel so confused, I think ive read to many articles and they have scrambled my brain. Sometimes I feel “that’ll never work he’s to little”. I wonder if that me holding him back and he could possibly get it?  


But something needs to be done, don’t get me wrong he’s not a complete terror but he also can’t get away with bad behaviour?

So I begging for any advice or tricks you can give me. 

It feels silly asking as my daughter is so well behaved, it’s just what worked with her don’t work for him. 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

Boys trousers !

Ive been asking myself Why is it that trousers never fit my son?

This has been baffling me for the last 21months, I never had a problem with my daughter’s trousers constantly falling down. 

What is because she was a little chunky monkey? 

Is it because my son has a tiny waist? 

No I’ve concluded that it is because girls have leggings!! They are naturally tight and stretchy so just fit better over all!

Boys the other hand don’t have that luxury (I am aware you can get leggings for boys but there just not for my taste). Boys jeans seem to have the space capacity for a nappy but the waist doesn’t sinch in??? It makes you wonder if designers of children’s clothes actually have children. 

As for the adjustable inserts in the waist, there a complete waste of time in my opinion, they just don’t make the blindest of difference. Oh and don’t get me started on the joggers with the strings on the front!! There just false advertisement, they give you false hope that they could actually solve all your problems and then ots ripped away from you when you realize that once again there fake and are totally useless! 

If anyone out there feels my pain or even better has solved this problem and knows some magic elf making boys trousers that actually fit please put me out of my misery!

Much love

Rhianna xx 

Calling anyone with a taste bud.

I’ve always had a love for cooking but since the children have been born, I’ve become Lot less adventurous and have almost lost my passion.

I’m stuck in a rut of cooking meals i know the kids will eat and my repertoire seems to have diminished šŸ˜­.

I treated myself to a new oven last weekend it arrived Wednesday and my passions is beginning to return with it but sadly my imagination seems to still be missing. I’m in need of serious help. So I’m asking no I’m begging you to share some of your family favourites to get my taste buds tingling and my imagination bursting!

So please please share some recipes/links/or just ideas with me.

Much love 

Rhianna xxx

To big bed or not to big bed!

Recently we have been talking bout weather or not to transition our youngest into a toddler bed. Our daughter was in a toddler bed from about 15months, I know it might seem young but she was ready and then at 21 months she was in a full sized single bed. This was because we didn’t see the need to buy another cotbed as she was already using it as a toddler bed.

So with my son now 21months it seems to us the right time to take the bars away!! 

But oh and it’s a big but. My son Is a typical boy he’s naughty and cheeky and we stil have no idea how he managed to get onto or on top of the things he does.  So I am petrified of him turning bed time into a game and constantly getting out of bed. 

We never has any of these problems woth our daughter she has for the most part has always been a good sleeper. She went through a stage at about 18months of hysterically screaming and refusing to get into bed but we soon snapped her out of that. We’re as my son has been a terrible sleeper who has only really been completely sleep trained about 3months and so I don’t want to go backwards of I can help it. 

So there it is the dilemma!!!!

Much love 

Rhianna xx


We are in need of moving home. We have a two bedroom house, which when we moved in we had only one child who was 9months old, no plan of anotger for a good few years and at the time I was desperate to move back home and ant cost. 

I love the house it’s stil needs work to make it perfect but like I said we moved with  9month old and very shortly after fell pregnant with our youngest. So home improvements weren’t at the top of our to do list! 

The problem is we don’t want to have to move EVER again so the next house has to be perfect. I’m not sure if striving for perfection is what is making this seem impossible or if the right house just isn’t out there at the moment?

We don’t really want to move but the kids can’t share a room for forever! 

Help!! Is it me or is the right house just no out there???

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Potty training #3

As I have mentioned before in ahhh potty training I potty trained my daught some time ago now. Night training proved much easier than I could have ever imagined, not one accident!  I lifted her for about 4nights but she never peed then on the 5th night she woke up very upset. Oh no I thought but no she needed to go so I quickly scurried her to the toilet realising she had already worked out herself to wake if her bladder was full. Which was fantastic the only down fall was every time she needed  to go she would scream mummy from her bed for me to go and help her to the toilet. 

Until tonight she shouted me but by the time I had reached the top of the stairs she was out of bed and in the bathroom, such a big girl. 

I honestly feel people put to much pressure on potty training and what age it should be done. Well at least in my experience I had a lot of unhelpful comments such as,  so and so is potty trained already , I potty trained my children at 2. I just wanted to scream every child is different. And defiantly in my experience they will do it when there good a ready!

Trusting your motherly instinct is oh so necessary in so many integral parts of mother hood. This being one !!

Much love 

Rhianna Xx

Just another week with a melt down childĀ 

This week as been a very uneventful week! Yet I feel like I’ve had no time to get anything done, hence the feeling of unacheivement? 

My daughter is mad about dogs currently, luckily for her my grandparents are dog sitting so we spend Wednesday with them. By the end of the day the dog (which is an 18month old lab) was so knackered he was napping, my youngest was on his second nap of the day and my eldest was so hyper she could bearly concentrate. On the flip side they were both passed out cold in bed by 6.45 and I didn’t hear a peep out of them until 7am the next morning ! Bonus! 

My youngest is 21 months and is going through a faze I must admit isn’t my favorite he’s become clingy, winey and irritable. He doesn’t always want me but makes it very clear I cannot leave the room! 

Clingy probably isn’t the correct word as I left him with my mum last Friday and he didn’t even bat an eyelid. It’s more I guess attention carving or seeking, melt downs are becoming a regular accurance in fact he had one this morning over his cup being empty… I have to wonder if it’s lack of speech contributing to the mood swings and melt downs. He clearly understands a vast majority of what I say just unfortunately only uses 3 words šŸ˜¦

  • Nite nite 
  • Tah 
  • Mum (vary rearly) 

Only other words are really more sounds such as quack or choochoo

Has anyone else been through anything simular or have any advice I would be extremely grateful!

Much love 

rhianna xx 

The Christmas gift box so far…..

I’m a crazy Christmas lady which I may have mentioned once or twice in my sale Christmas shopping post. I shared that mainly because I believe I got some real bargins! And it got quite a good response so I thought I’d share the entire gift hall so far as of August (only 4months to go ) 

That’s not a miss print it was Ā£1

The next few items I have purchased using “points vouchers” so were technicly free! I do this half way through the year and then again at Christmas! 

As you can see I still have a long way to go ! But seeing how it summer I’m still pretty chuffed x

Approx Ā£150 worth of goods for Ā£55!

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Proud mummy momentĀ 

It seems like a million years ago that my daughter was in nappies, potty training went retativly smoothly and the nights were even easier (touch wood not one accident ) but the problem I had been faced with was that she refused to use the toilet.

 So I brought her a Prince lionheart toilet seat (in fuschia pink which in actual fact is RED ) after some bribery and convincing she gave in, used it and loved it. I thought I had solved all my problems, oh how I was wrong.

 The next hurdle became when I was shopping with my parents. My dad had realised he’s left his phone at home (the supermarket is only 5mins from there house) so he popped home to get it, with the potty in the boot !. Typically she decided she needed to go and when she realised we didn’t have the potty or the seat she proceeded to melt down in the toilets of morrisons šŸ˜¢, refused to go and held it until he returned. So from that day on I’ve had to take a potty everywhere with me! 

Until today! After being out all day when we got home she anouced she needed the toilet, I let her through the stair gate and off she went like normal. No more was thought about it, until i needed to go about an hour later. Realised I had left her seat hanging on the hook after cleaning the bathroom this morning? Being unsure and a little weary I left it until she needed to go again but this time followed her up the stairs to find her happily sitting on the big toilet, no seat no nothing!  I’m so so so proud of her for finally feeling brave enough to give it a go!

#pround mummy moment 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Mum Hacks!Ā 

I was talking to a new mum at the weekend and I didn’t quite realise these were hacks or tips until I realised that no everyone did them. So I’m sharing them with you too. 
1. Roll away baby

The leg over position is great for a baby that has just started to learn to roll over. You don’t apply any pressure it just stops them from being able to roll away mid nappy change. 
2. Buggy buddy 

The Buggy buddy is a total life saver as most modern prams have 1 handle and the basket just isn’t big enough! 
3. Teething toys 

This one is only if your child already uses a dummy. If you freeze them with a little water in a small ice cube tray you have a ready made teether. Baby will also be getting mich needed fluid from it aswell. 
4. Nappy draw

Having nappies and wipes on hand at all times is a must have. So I use a draw in my living room with the nappies emptied our of there packaging so there easy to grab at any moment.
5. Vacuum storage bags. 

Not only are they great for duvets and winter clothes. As a mum of 2 under 4 I feel like I’m carrying around a wardrobe of clothes aswell as the kitchen sink. So I use a small Vacuum storage bag to put spare/ emergency clothes in to it doesn’t take up as much space in the change bag. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx