Drowning in washing!

As I’m stood loading yet another load of washing into the machine, I start to wonder…

With only 4 in my house hold my washing machine seems to be constantly going yet my laundry basket is always over flowing. There is always a pile of ironing and clothes drying.

How do larger family’s cope or so I just have an excessive amount of laundry for 4 people? I don’t believe so but maybe I am wrong ?

Could someone please shead some light on this situation for me?

Short of making the kids wear dirty clothes I don’t know how I could cut back my washing load… but I’m sure there is someone out there who can help!

Please please share your comments and tips with me and any other mothers reading this!

Much love

Rhianna xx


Back the F@#k off you skinny bitach

Hey guys sorry it’s been a while it’s just been crazy crazy in my life recently!… but today I thought I would have a rant after my recent shopping trip!

Today I took a trip into town child free! Whoop whoop for me ! But I was utterly disappointed with my finds. Now a little back story to this rant.

As maybe you all do maybe not but I watch far to much YouTube and I’ve been seeing some insane Primark hauls. But all these girls who look like they haven’t eaten in a month are going “oh I wanted this over size jumper over sized so I brought it in a large” ! Seriously a crisp bag would drown you! 

So when a girl like myself you NEEDS a large goes into store there sold out of literally everything in a large ! (Shit if I wanted this oversize jumper to be even more oversized I would need a tent) 

So here it is in not discriminating, I’m not judged I’m purely ranting saying 

“Oi look you skinny biatch, as if it’s not bad enough you look amazing in a bin bag you have to go and buy clothes that aren’t in your size so fat bitches like myself can by that cute as jumper”


Hope your all enjoying your week 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

P.s I’m feeling better now! 

12 weeks of Christmas 

This time next week it will be Christmas day !! 

I am all prepared on the gift side of things… all brought… wrapped and what can be delivered has been. 

This year obviously other than my two children, most people have recieved gift hampers, including a homemade gift frame, a new photo of the kids and a small gift (around the £20 per adult mark). I just can’t afford to go all out anymore my two cost me enough !. 

Plus is saves on wrapping as hampers look so luxurious! 

All that is left is to do the food shopping! I have started buying nibbles etc but unfortunately we keep eating then 😆🤣. But again were having a quiet Christmas just the 4of us and with the kids being so young we don’t need a tone of cheese,  cold meats and paté. 

I hope you all have a magical Christmas! 

                 Merry Christmas.

Much love

Rhianna xx

2 weeks until Christmas 

3 weeks until Christmas 

4 weeks until Christmas 

5 weeks until Christmas 

6 weeks until Christmas

7 weeks until Christmas 

8 weeks until Christmas 

9 weeks until Christmas 

10 weeks until Christmas 

11 weeks until Christmas 

12 weeks of Christmas 

It’s now only 2 week until Christmas day ! I hope everyone is excited? Decs up? And all shopping finished ?

I thought I would share what is going in my nearly 4yr olds and 2yr olds stockings this year!

  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Foaming radox kids bath wash
  • Flanel mit 
  • Knickers 
  • Fluffy socks
  • Mickymouse Santa teddy
  • Hachamels and my little pony surprise bags 
  • Tube of Smarties 
  • Note book
  • Pony rubber
  • Mini spirograph
  • Nail polish (toes only) 
  • Hair bow
  • Pony hair bands

  • Tooth brush 
  • Tooth paste 
  • Magnetic wooden bus (for train track)
  • Magnetic wooden tractor
  • Magnetic wooden fire engine 
  • Crayons
  • Kinder chocolate bars
  • Mickymouse Santa teddy
  • Foaming radox kids bath wash
  • Flannel mit 
  • Christmas socks 
  • Maraca 
  • Avengers blind bag squishy 
  • Smarties 

The majority of there things are from pound land, a few items are from the works and the rest are from the supermarket. 

I hope that gives you ideas if your stuck 

What’s inside your stocking? 

“When Santa got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout.

 you girls and boys won’t get any toys until you pull me out.

The is soot my back, my beard is all black my nose is tickly too.

 when Santa got stuck up the chimney

 achoo achoo achoo”

Much love 

Rhianna xx

P.s  I apologise for this being late for some reason it didn’t publish as scheduled ?


Omg I’m in shock I entered a competition ran by Diary of a Peach. I was my no means looking to win! I only took part in hope it would help get my blog out there as such, viewed by the masses! 

We’re in fact it turnes out my first 12 weeks of christmas post won! 

This is by no means a brag or anything like that I’m mearly sharing my new, of which I’m extremely shocked by with you guys !

This was the first blog competition I have ever entered and now it seems I will probably do it again!

Have a fantastic weekend 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

12 weeks of Christmas 

3 weeks until the big man leaves us all coal as we’ve been naughty this year… Well that’s very presumptuous of me to assume everyone leads a double life as a night time villan!

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching I’ve got a few simple craft / gift ideas for the kids to do!

Homemade Christmas cards.

I used A5 card I got from the range and a Christmas stamp I’ve had for year.

Pip cleaner bows !

Felt presents which I pre cut as my kids are under 4.

Bar the extra glue I think these simple cards turned out lovely and my eldest had so much fun. 

Chridtmas Tree box frames 

These were stupid easy and cheap!

Frames are from Poundland 

The backing paper from Poundland it came in a pack with load of different designs

Green trees were from the same card pack as above 

Pompoms and tree decorations were all from Poundland 

The stem is felt and the tree base is corrugated card from morrisons! But you could easily just colour those or paint them.

I also chose to add glitter to the.bottom of the frames mainly as I have enough glitter to fill a swimming pool!

It cost about £6 for the craft pieces, we made 12 frames and still have stuff left over and £1  per frame! BARGIN 

I think we all know what my family members are getting from the kids this year !

I hope your all enjoying the festive season and not stressing to much 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

12 weeks of Christmas 

Wow it’s only 4 weeks and counting now until father Christmas comes! 

First of all I do apologise for being a day late with this post I’ve just had a manic week. 

This week I want to talk about stockings!

Do you have a stocking,  a sack or may be even both?

Do you by new every year or do you have an old favorite you use year after year? 

For me, my great grandmother made us all when we were born a bucilla Christmas stocking and I must say they are beautiful. So when I had my children I asked.my grandmother (as my great grandmother is no longer with us) to make my two there very own 

As you can see mine is very well loved and looking a little tatty these days 

My partner on the other hand has nothing like this he said his mum just used to by a new one every year? For me I find this strange but we are a family of traditions where as his family isn’t.  

For example 

  • We go to my grandmother’s for Christmas every other year and on the years we don’t go we go for new years day
  • The bucilla stockings 
  • My parents, I and my cousins have a bacon sandwich breakfast round alternate homes every year so we get to see each other as we all have our own family and commitments now

The list is endless.

What are your family traditions? I am talking today about my traditions growling up as my children are stil young we are now starting our own tradtioning within our family. 

Tis the season to be jolly!

Much love 

rhianna xx