Popular boys names for 2017

This is a follow on for the Popular girls names for 2017 post 
Noah:  Meaning ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’, this is also a popular biblical name, after Noah builds an ark in the Old Testament, saving animals from a flood.

Harry: We’ve got Princess Diana to thank for putting Harry back on the map, Meaning ‘estate ruler’.

Oliver: Meaning ‘olive tree’, Oliver is thought to be energetic and good natured. 

Jack: Meaning ‘God is gracious’.

Charlie: Also a popular girls name, Charlie is a shortened version of Charles, meaning ‘free man’

James: A traditional, biblical, royal name, Meaning ‘one who follows’, famous James’ .

Oscar: Whether you hope you little Oscar becomes a great writer (Oscar Wilde) or a great designer (Oscar de la Renta), we’re sure he’ll live up to his name. Meaning ‘champion warrior’, according to Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors who ever lived.

George: Meaning ‘farmer’, George is a solid, strong and royal choice.

Leo: Meaning ‘lion’, it’s said to represent power and courage.

Sulien: means ‘sun born’ and is originally thought to be the name of the most learned man in Wales.

Arlo: This traditionally male name means ‘fortified hill’, or in other words, strengthened or protected.

Reggie: A diminutive of Reginald, this nickname is starting to become a popular name its own right. Meaning ‘counsel power’.

Albie: A super-cute name, made popular by Harry Potter, Albie is a shortened version of Albert, Alban or Albus, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’.

Finn: An old English name, originally meaning ‘blond’ .

Elijah: An old biblical name, meaning ‘Yahweh is God’.

Lucas: A nice alternative to the ever popular Luke, Lucas is a classic biblical name, meaning ‘light-giving’.

Benjamin:  Meaning ‘son of the right hand’. It is also often shortened to Ben.

Gabriel:  meaning ‘God is my strength’. It’s rise in popularity could be down to celebrity fans including Mick Jagger, Daniel Day-Lewis and Mia Farrow.

Matthew: A name that has been popular for many years, Matthew means ‘gift from God’. 

Liam: Originally a shortened version of William, for a long time we’ve thought of Liam as a name in its own right. Meaning ‘resolute protection’.

Aiden: I love that Aiden means ‘little and fiery’. 

Ethan: Meaning ‘strong’, ‘safe’ and ‘firm’.

Jacob: Meaning ‘supplanter’, it’s popular for its connotations of honesty and warmth. 

Alexander: meaning ‘defending men’. This name is also set to grow in popularity in the latter half of 2017 thanks to George and Amal Clooney!

Wyatt: meaning ‘brave in war’.

 Bowie: A cute name that’s perfect for parents who want to name their baby after the late David Bowie.  

Bear: It’s one of the most awaited baby names of the year, but whether you love or hate Cheryl and Liam Payne’s baby name, they’ve put it on the map.  

Arthur: Meaning ‘bear’. 

Sebastian: meaning ‘person from the ancient city of Sebasta’.

Hal:  tThis traditional name actually dates back to Shakespeare. A diminutive of Harold, meaning ‘army ruler’.

Montague: Recently chosen by Geri Halliwell, this unusual name means ‘pointy hill’. 

 Grey: It’s been around as a boy’s colour name for a few years now, but as it’s more frequently used as a middle name this year. 

Henry: Meaning ‘estate ruler’, this traditional boy name has been popular for years. 

Issac: Meaning ‘laughter’.

David: Another biblical name that’s been in the popular list for as long as i can remember. 

.Jude: meaning ‘praised’ is set to be popular this year.

Beau: Meaning ‘handsome’, this cute baby name is the perfect fit for your beautiful new arrival

Eissa: Rising in popularity this year, this unusual name means ‘God is salvation’.

Finley: A Greek name meaning ‘white warrior’, here’s hoping your new arrival lives up to his powerful name.

Gus: An old-school name that hasn’t been too popular for the last few years means one thing – experts predict it will start to rise again, with parents falling for its authentic charm. Meaning ‘great and magnificent’.

William: Meaning ‘resolute protector’, this popular, traditional name isn’t going anywhere. 

River: Meaning ‘strong and firm’ 

Daniel: Meaning ‘God is my judge’ this Hebrew name has been a favourite all over the world for years.

Max: With a growing number of celebrity fans, this shortened version of Maximillian, meaning ‘greatest’, or Maxwell, meaning ‘great stream’ is set to remain popular.

Theo: Meaning ‘divine gift’.

Toby: This traditional Hebrew name means ‘Lord is good’.

Teddy: Meaning ‘guardian of wealth’, 

Joshua: this biblical name means ‘generous’.Fox: 

Much love 

rhianna xx 


Popular girls names for 2017!

Baby names are so hard to decided upon, so weather you would like a popular name or an unusual name for your princess this list should help you. My daughter has an unusual name and when we were deciding I used popular name lists to help me rule names off my like list. 

Popular girl’s names for 2017

Isabella: A name that has been increasing in popularity for the past few years, or Izzy.

Olivia: Olivia means ‘olive tree’. Naming your baby after a symbol of peace is never a bad idea and if you get a surprise on the day, Oliver is also a popular boy’s names. 

Emma: An English name meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.

Ava: Reese Witherspoon recently posted selfies with her lookalike daughter Ava and the world went mad (for the selfies and the name). Meaning ‘bird’.

Mia: A short version of Maria, meaning ‘wished for child’, this Latin name was made popular by American actress and model, Mia Farrow.

Harper: Whether it’s Harper Lee, or Harper Beckham that put this name on the popular list, it’s stuck. Originally a last name given to someone who played the harp, this could be the perfect name if you hope to raise a mini-musician.

Amelia: Popular in many different languages, in English, Amelia is a variant of Amalia, meaning ‘work’. 

Emily: The name has been popular since the 20th Century and isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

Ella: Meaning ‘light’, Ella is often a shortened version of Eleanor or Ellen. 

Abigail: A popular name meaning ‘the father’s joy’, she’ll be a daddy’s girl in no time! 

Bea: A short version of Beatrice, this super-cute name means ‘she who brings happiness’. 

Avery: This unisex name has been around for a long time, but is currently on the rise. Meaning ‘ruler of the elves.

Scarlett: With Scarlett Johansson giving this name all the glamour it deserves, Scarlett is set to be a popular choice this year. Meaning ‘red’, the name is commonly spelt with one or two t’s.

Charlotte: Princess Charlotte may only be coming up to her second birthday.

Aria: Arya Stark – the ultimate female hero in Game of Thrones may be one reason why Aria is now back on the popular list.

Darcey: Made popular by English ballerina Darcey Bussell and fans of Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy, the name means ‘dark one’.

Poppy: Meaning ‘from the flower’, Poppy is rising in popularity. 

Sophie: Meaning ‘wisdom’, Sophie is another version of the Greek name Sophia. 

Grace: Rising in popularity once again, Grace is a simple English name, meaning ‘God’s favour’. 

Luna: Rising in popularity over the past few years, this cute name means ‘moon’.

Penelope: With glamorous connotations thanks to the beautiful Penelope Cruz, this original Greek name means ‘weaver’.

Lily: Another beautiful English flower name, the Lily is a symbol of purity and innocence in Christianity.

Chloe: A springtime name meaning ‘young green shoot’, Chloe symbolises new growth. The Kardashians have helped make alternative spelling Khloe popular too.

Layla: The beautiful name Layla, meaning ‘night’ .

Evelyn – The meanings of this adorable name vary from ‘life’, ‘uncertain’ and ‘beautiful little bird’.

Mila – This ancient name has been around for centuries, and put back on the map thanks to the beautiful Mila Kunis.

Nora – Meaning ‘light’ this cute name has a vintage feel.

Hazel – With its literal meaning ‘the hazelnut tree’.

Aurora: Meaning ‘dawn’, this name is perfect for parents who are poetry fanatics, or fans of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Sofia: Meaning ‘wisdom’, we love this exotic sounding baby girls name. 

Valentia: An exotic name with an adorable meaning – ‘strength and health’.

Alexa: Meaning ‘defending men’. 

Brooklyn: Although this has been around for years as a boy’s name, thanks to the Beckhams’ choosing it for their eldest son, this is rising as a female choice in recent years.

Ariana: Meaning ‘most holy’.

Stella: Meaning ‘star’, this adorable name has a huge celebrity following. 

Gabriella: Meaning ‘God is my strength’, this Italian name has a beautiful, yet strong quality we just love.

Freya: Meaning ‘a noble woman’, hopefully your new arrival will live up to her powerful name.

Bella: A version of Isabella, this cute name means ‘beautiful’. 

Maya: Meaning ‘water’, 

Eva: Meaning ‘life’.

Astrid: This cute Scandinavian name means ‘divine strength’ .

Aviva: You might notice a rise in the ‘names beginning with a’ this year, but we predict Aviva will begin to rise in popularity this year. This Hebrew name, meaning ‘innocent’ is perfect for your new babe.

Clara: Meaning ‘bright’ and ‘clear’.

Winona: Of course, Winona Ryder has put this name on the map, and as she is set to return to our screens in the second season of Stranger Things, we can see this name, meaning ‘firstborn daughter’ skyrocketing.

Polly: When TOWIE star Amy Childs named her baby Polly, we all fell in love with this cute name.

Evie: It’s been on our popular list for years, a diminutive of ‘Eve’, meaning ‘life’ or ‘living one’.

Elsie – Meaning ‘my God is a vow’.

Lea – this cute name means ‘meadow’.

Jessie – , meaning ‘wealthy’, also a great unisex name. 

Please share your favourite baby names with me. 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

Bath time fun!

Bath times are great full for everyone … well once they learn to enjoy baths that’s is! I’d like to share without some cheap/ easy bath time hacks with you.

  • Poke tiny holes in an old water bottle for a rain maker that doesn’t run out before they’ve lifted it out of the water. (This can also be used with the garden with a hose )

  • If you use pump head to toe wash or foam wash put a rubber band around the pump to stop the kids going crazy with it.

  • Freeze small toys like dinos in a ice cube tray then let the kids chase them around the bath until they melt

  • Use a plastic colander as a rain maker!

  • Glue gun the holes in bath toys such a rubber ducks to stop mild growing inside them 

  • Use cheap plastic baskets from pound land and sticky hooks to store and dry bath toys 

    Please share any bath times hacks you use id love to hear them.

    Much love 

    rhianna xx 

    5am WTF

    Is somebody tired……… No Im not tired! Oh the joys of a toddler who woke up at 5am! Every Monday my daughter has swimming lessons at 9.30 am then usually me my mum and the kids head off into town do a little shopping and stop for lunch. Usually it’s a lovely morning. But this morning she woke up at stupid o’clock and has been melting down over EVERYTHING. 

    I want lunch she pipes up… so off we go she’s obviously hungry. We get outside a little cafe we go to a little to often, no I want dinner she says. My mum’s responds with you can have what ever you like to that for some unknown reasons results in a melt down .. I don’t even think she knew what she was melting down over. Everything seems to have calmed we leave the restaurant with 4 full tummies nip into the works. She like this particular shop and there’s lots to touch and ask for. She’s been asking for a skate board from there for about a month but I will never give in and buy it. Oh good old grandma treats her to it. We get out side and she melts down over…. we stil don’t know as she was so hysterical I couldn’t understand anything she said. The next melt down is over not wanting to walk by this point my and my mum’s patients is running thin. So enough is enough, you walk Nicely end of story ! Well you can imagine how that went down. Anyone would think she was being murdered! You can see how this morning  was going but it was a typical tired toddler sort of morning as it was fits of happy full of beans child to total melt down in 5 seconds flat! Enough is enough home time it is! She is now napping on the sofa thankfully, I’ve finally stopped pulling my hair out and everything is good in the world of a toddler again !

    Thank you for letting me share my stressful morning with you. 

    Anyone know the feeling?

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx 

    Craft supplies are taking over my house !

    Oh how my daughter loves arts and crafts everything from Playdoh and painting to glitter and tiny beads. So there has been a real need to find a away to organise it all and store it. Carrier bags and ice cream tubs just aren’t cutting it anymore.  

    So this is how I have tackled it: 

    I brought a 4 draw plastic unit from B&M it was £14 or 2 for £25 It has been my savoir it’s a cheap storage unit and the draws are surprisingly big. 

    I have paper, colouring books, stencils and a tin of stickers in the top draw. Followed by paint and painting equipment. Then in the 3rd draw is extra craft stuff and in the bottom draw is Playdoh. 

    I also brought a screw organiser from b & m although I can’t remember how much it was. For all the little craft pieces such as googlie eyes and sequins which keeps them all separate and ive even managed tofit glue and scissors in it aswell 

    I have brought all the craft supplies in the box from Poundland it’s great value for money although that’s probably how I have to much. The extras draw has more pom poms in, extra glue, buttons, seasonal craft supplies just to name a few. 

    Now it’s just my cupboard left to do which as you can see needs a dam good tidy 

      But the idea is that it has games, the aqua draw pad and just a few misolanious items in.

    That’s all about my craft hell.  

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx  

    Ahhh Potty training !

    Potty training…..

    I potty trainer my eldest only about 4months ago… she was 3 which some say is late but she just wasn’t ready before. She had no understanding of having a wee, which makes it impossible to potty train until they know where going. I was getting worried as she wasn’t showing the signs of needing to go, and than as if by magic over night she started telling me she was having a wee and was starting to request a clean nappy after every wee. At that point I decided to ensure I gave her one so she got used to being clean and dry which iin turn led to her hating being wet which helped so much with the potty training . I found half the battle was getting her just to sit on it once. After she finally caved In it was easy sailing from there. I have had to carry a potty everywhere as she has refused to use the toilet to the point when I try to get her to she screams like I’m cutting her legs off. I have defiantly learnt that children will do things in there own time and cannot be forced, persuaded or bribed. I did use a sticker chart but that was for encouragement more than anything else. As with the initial potty training all of a sudden one day she said she would use the big toilet….. whoop whoop finally I can stop carrying a potty… of how wrong was I. She will use our toilet at home and the toilet at nursery (mini toilets ) but will not use a toilet anywhere else and demands the potty !!

    Out of night pull ups!
    Wednesday I ran out of pull ups for bed time and completely forgot to buy any so I guess tonight the night to start for dry night! Wee before bed check limit the amount of fluid check go up just before I go to bed and lift her for a wee and…….. she doesn’t go… the next night the same she doesn’t go so I am unsure if she would wake if she actually needed to go. Every night I expect to get woke up by her screaming at 2am that she’s wet the bed but finger crossed, touch wood 2 night down and so far so good.
    I’ll keep you call updated on her progress and how I’m coping with interrupted sleep again haha
    Much love
    Rhianna xx