Kitchen hacks you may not already know

I am always looking for tips and tricks to make my life easier in the kitchen. So i would like to share some of my favourites with you….!


1. Kitchen foil…which way round does it go ?

Well it turns out I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life, the shiny side goes face down towards the food. If you face the shinny side up it reflects the heat and defeats the object of cook as it reduces the temperature reaching your food so reduces cook time! Boooo to that!


2. Juicing lemons & limes .

Over the years I’ve Hurd my fair share of wives tales about this one, but what works for me is rolling them for a good minute across the counter top, loosens all the juices up ensuring you get the most from these city’s fruits.


3. Cling film sticking to itself rather than your bowl ?

If you store your clingfilm in the fridge it makes it much easier to transfer from the roll to a bowl, sandwich etc.


4. Not sure if your eggs are still fresh?

This isn’t be any means a new hack but it one of those ones I could never remember which was round it went? Then one afternoon I had my bowl of water and i had carefully placed the eggs in, then dam it I couldn’t remember if sinking was good or not. My 13yr old nephew was googling it for me when he shouted from the top of his lungs FLOATERS ARE BAD. From that day on I’ve never forgotten.


5. Keep a pan from boiling over!

How often to you forget about a pan on the stove whilst storing out the latest toddler tantrum..? Well if you place a wooden spoon over the pan it’s supposed to help prevent this. As firstly wood isn’t a good heat conductor and secondly as the bubbles cone up, then hit the spoon so it’s suggested it redirects them back into the pan.


I hope you find these useful have hopefully you do t already know these please comment with any tips or tricks of your own I would love to give them a try !

Rhianna xx


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