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The truth about mother hood!

Since When does becoming a mother make you a permanent chair and snot rag? I’m sure this wasn’t in the baby books!

From the day your beautiful little bundle of joy is born you have this picture perfect life in your mind that everyone has so graciously helped you paint… but they have somehow “accidentally left out most of the truth “

Child birth…… OMG it hurts but it not a pain you can’t take it’s more off an annoying pain like tooth ache, you can cope you just don’t want to! And when the pain becomes truly unbearable it means your baby is finally ready to make an appearance. Pushing is the easy bit your body naturally takes over and tell you what to do, but you must listen to your midwife and pant when your told you! I didn’t listen with my daughter and ending up with more stitches than you could count.
Keep hydrated after birth as you will be so sore and urinating is so so so painful so it needs to be diluted as much as possible!
From the moment your baby is born they will do nothing but scream when you try to chance there nappy,give them clean clothes for the 100 time that day as they have either pood or thrown up on them and bath them. To be honest there completely ungrateful creatures haha.
As they get older they will hurl food as you ,wipe there snotty noses on you, use your trousers to clean there grubby sticky hands all at the same time as using you as a permanent chair/ climbing frame.
When it comes to Sleep it’s over rated who needs it anyway !

Unfortunately my old eldest is 3 so I can’t give you the inside into hormones or teenagers but when we get there I’ll let you know!
Much love
Rhianna xx


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