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Top 5 waste of money nursery/ new born items

This is my opinion if you love any of these items then that’s amazing and id love to hear from you. These are just things that didn’t work for me and my children.


1.Baby bath with top and tail bowl.
Every new baby hates having a bath no matter how fancy the baby bath is. Baby baths price around £10-£20 and they grow out of then really quickly. What’s wrong with just bathing them in the bath weather it’s with you ?or with just a few inches of water. Or a washing up bowl which can be brought in the pound shop.
When it comes to stupid top to tail bowls you have to options here as well just use to plastic container or wash your baby like you was yourself… top first bottom last as an adult you would never was your nether reason then your face so why do manufacturers of top to tail bowels think you would do it to a baby?


2. Anything that goes inside a cot? Toys night lights etc.
If I start with the most simple reason….. your baby is there to sleep not to play
But more seriously tho, SIDS is so important to be aware of more than 250 babies and toddlers still die every year from aids in the UK. So adding additional items to the cot is just increasing the risk in my option.
(SIDS IS such an important thing to be aware of I will write a separate peace about that in the next few weeks. )

3.Moses basket! Shop wisely

Moses basket or cribs are a new born essential but be weary there price varies hugely from around £30 to £200. The key thing to remember is they grow out if it really quickly so don’t break the bank on it.



4. Baby food processor !
Come on talk about a gimmick not only is it a total waste of money as most of us have a food processor or a hand blender in our cupboard but they also hold such a little amount. Most mum’s bulk cook baby food, blend it and freeze it in appropriate portion size

5. Nappy bin. 
Personally I just find this rather disgusting , keeping nappies in the babies room for a prolonged period of time. Just put them in a nappies sake a put them in the bin!


I hope you found this useful.

Much love

Rhianna xx



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