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Omg. It’s raining toys !

How does my house always end up looking like a bombs sight! With toys EVERYWHERE!

That’s it I’ve had enough on standing on duplo bricks or breaking my neck on balls, time to do something about it and get organised. I wanted a storage solution that could be easily recognised by both children as my eldest has things my youngest isn’t allowed to touch (mainly by her rules not mine).

I ordered Trofast units from Ikea! They’re really good value for money I feel. I ordered 2 frames and 10 boxes 5 in pink 5 in orange so the kids can differentiate between each other’s toys. Ordering them like this was no difference in price that ordering the complete unit with boxes as a whole. Also I will add if you didn’t already know all Ikea tall stuff like chest of drawers,  book shelves, storage units etc all come with the strapping a wall mounting parts so your little explorer doesn’t pull it over on themselves. If you have a little one like my youngest you will understand how much of a god send this feature is.

I’m writing this on the way home from purchasing so I’ll will update you once they are complete and functioning.

See you all soon

Rhianna xx

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