Omg.. it’s raining toys. Part 2!

In my Last post I was talking about toy  storage as they are ruling my life at the moment….  here is how it turned out.

Well after getting home from Ikea, like the big kid I am I had to put the Trofast units together instantly. Oh how I love Ikea flat pack after struggling to get through all the packaging i soon realised that was the only struggle I was going to have. There flat pack is so easy honestly it only took about 30 minutes to put both together! I chose the larger boxes as my children are still so little there is an alarming amount of toy sets as well as miscellaneous items such as cars and figurines.

Here’s how they look!

Much love

Rhianna xx

2 thoughts on “Omg.. it’s raining toys. Part 2!”

    1. Ive been meaning to get them since my daughter was born … although I’m glad I waited now my daughter was an angel as a baby she didn’t clinb anything and was going to get the ones that look like stairs.! Thankfully I didn’t as my son climbs on … well …. EVERYTHING LOL X


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