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Summer fun

This year I decided to grow sun flowers. I should start off with saying I’m NOT in any way green fingered but my grandmother esured me they were easy to grow. Bless she took me through it step by step. I have to say the kids loved planting the seed and having them in side on the window sill watching them sprout and grow.

Once they were a foot or two we repotted them in the garden and they have flourished ever since. I have an extremely sunny garden and I much admit there has been a day or 10 that I’ve forgotten to water them but they have survived (thankfully), I don’t know what I would have done if they had died my daughter has got quite attached! So after being subjected to my bad growing skills and the birds pecking at the leaves (heavens know why) they are now about a meter or so and the sunflower heads are appearing!

Happy flowers happy children happy summer!

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