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Happy Fathers Day

Fathers day is upon us once again so i just thought i would share with you a little about my dad.
Daddy’s girl is an understatement ! For many years i believed the sun shon out of his arse, he could do no wrong. He was everything a little girl could want in a dad, kind, loving, compassionate, giving the list is endless.
Me and my mum butted heads like most mother and daughters do at those delightful teenage years, although it was the same time my dad took a new job and was working in Europe Monday to Friday… so we were left alone! Funny thing about it is that when we were alone we go on really well but when daddy returned it was like we were fighting for attention and affection. There was no need for this we realise now nearly 15 yrs on. But less about me and mum and more about dad. When my auntie julie dies (mum’s sister) I think mum would have never made it out of the dark if it wasn’t for my dad’s strength and support, a few years later my dad’s sister auntie sherridah died now that he found a lot more difficult. His mental health suffered, his physical health suffered but my dad made of nails like he is somehow managed to make it through.
Lucky there has been a lot less tragedy in the last 10yrs until about 12months ago he started looking weight dramatically and started having reflux like symptoms. He’s gone from a size 44inch trouser to a 28inch hanging off him, tests and more tests are revealing nothing and he continues to loose weight. Yet he still works a 60hour week and is trying to keep at much normally as he possibly can in his life, although recently the exhaustion is making this increasingly more difficult. I just pray they can find an explanation before it’s to late. He still believes he’s hard a nails and can dodge bullets but I worry this is just one bullet to many.
Anyway my dad, my hero
Love him millions and millions
Rhianna xx

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