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Things I miss and defiantly don’t miss about being pregnant.

I recently read a blog post by Molly Hunter about the things she took for granted before falling pregnant, which inspired this post. I am currently thinking about adding another addition to my brood..?? Yes I may be totally insane or just have a touch of baby fever, which is my I thought I would write about the things I miss from being pregnant and the things definitely don’t.

Miss :

  • The excuse to eat cake at 5am.
  • Feeling my growing baby in my tummy.
  • Pregnancy Glow.
  • Amazing thick hair and long nails.
  • Feeling amazing whilst fat!
  • The excitement of hospital and midwife appointments to see the baby or hear the heart beat.

Don’t miss :

  • Not being able to reach my toes.
  • Heart burn.
  • Being kicked in the ribs at 2am.
  • Back ache from hell.
  • Restricting foods ( I am a blue steak kinds girl)
  • Everyone feeling it’s there right to rub my belly.


I must admit I had a really easy pregnancy both times round. I was over due with both and had to be induced so after two natural births I still haven’t experienced waters breaking naturally, a show or any form of excitement / anguish…  am I in labour am I not? I’ve spent the entire labour bored in hospital wishing I was at home. My daughter I could have honestly carried her for another 6 months, I wasn’t very big and was still very active and mobile. My son Id had enough but I think that was due to having a 20 month at home so I was knackered and defiantly feeling the strain of pregnancy.

I’m still very unsure weather another child is the right thing or not….. I was kinda hoping this would help 🤔.

Anyway that enough of my ramblings

Much love

Rhianna xx

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