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My beloved vanish bar in action!

I thought it was old right that I wrote a bit more about my beloved Vanish bar  …. as I love it so much. As they say the proof is in the washing, so I thought I’d try to demestrate it for you so you can see the magic with your own eyes.

First you need to damp the clothes . As I seems to do nearly all the kids clothes with it I tend to cheat a little and run a sink of warm water … throw them all in and them take them out one by one as I’m destaining . Where was if it’s something of mine or my partners I just the stained patch under the tap.

Before: which stains noted!

This is what it looks like during rubbing the bar!

As you can see most stain literally vanish before your eyes… some I will warm you change colour though, strawberry stains turn purple so don’t panic it will still come off in the Wash.


Here is the finished result!

Please excuse the creases (should have ironed them first)

That’s enough about my vanish bar

Much love

Rhianna xxx


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