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Hospital bag must haves!

A dear friend of mine asked me to compile a list of hospital bag must haves so I though I’d share it with you guys.
You need to be prepared for the possibility of an over night stay.
For baby :
• 2/3 baby sleep suits
• 3/4 vests
• 2/3 hats
• 2/3 sets of mittons
• 2/3 pairs of socks
• Coming home outfit
• 15 nappies
• Cotton
• Blanket

For mum:
• Pjs x2
• Shampoo & conditioner
• Shower gel
• Tooth brush
• Toothpaste
• Hair brush
• Hair bands
• Deodorant
• Socks
• Coming home clothes (something loose)
• Slippers
• Dressing gown (optional I find hospitals to hot for dressing gowns)
• Snacks
• Juice (the provide water but that can get boring)
• A million maternity pads
• Breast pads (I didn’t need them as my milk didn’t come through early but I know people who did)
• Phone charger
• Magazine / entertainment

For Dad :
• Change if clothes
• Wash bag (mainly a tooth brush as they can go home but no one likes morning breath)
• Food
• Phone charger
• Change for car parking
• Entertainment (tablet, hand held games console… they get bored )
• Car seat to bring the baby home

I know it looks like a lot to take but remember you can always leave items in the car and keep sending hubby down for them, if something is forgotten it’s not the end of the world he can always nip home. There are hundreds of checklist online I found the best thing for me was a look through a few and take the items that worked for me and my family.


Hope this is helpful.

Much love

Rhianna xx

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