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Ahhh Potty training !

Potty training…..

I potty trainer my eldest only about 4months ago… she was 3 which some say is late but she just wasn’t ready before. She had no understanding of having a wee, which makes it impossible to potty train until they know where going. I was getting worried as she wasn’t showing the signs of needing to go, and than as if by magic over night she started telling me she was having a wee and was starting to request a clean nappy after every wee. At that point I decided to ensure I gave her one so she got used to being clean and dry which iin turn led to her hating being wet which helped so much with the potty training . I found half the battle was getting her just to sit on it once. After she finally caved In it was easy sailing from there. I have had to carry a potty everywhere as she has refused to use the toilet to the point when I try to get her to she screams like I’m cutting her legs off. I have defiantly learnt that children will do things in there own time and cannot be forced, persuaded or bribed. I did use a sticker chart but that was for encouragement more than anything else. As with the initial potty training all of a sudden one day she said she would use the big toilet….. whoop whoop finally I can stop carrying a potty… of how wrong was I. She will use our toilet at home and the toilet at nursery (mini toilets ) but will not use a toilet anywhere else and demands the potty !!

Out of night pull ups!
Wednesday I ran out of pull ups for bed time and completely forgot to buy any so I guess tonight the night to start for dry night! Wee before bed check limit the amount of fluid check go up just before I go to bed and lift her for a wee and…….. she doesn’t go… the next night the same she doesn’t go so I am unsure if she would wake if she actually needed to go. Every night I expect to get woke up by her screaming at 2am that she’s wet the bed but finger crossed, touch wood 2 night down and so far so good.
I’ll keep you call updated on her progress and how I’m coping with interrupted sleep again haha
Much love
Rhianna xx

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