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Craft supplies are taking over my house !

Oh how my daughter loves arts and crafts everything from Playdoh and painting to glitter and tiny beads. So there has been a real need to find a away to organise it all and store it. Carrier bags and ice cream tubs just aren’t cutting it anymore.  

So this is how I have tackled it: 

I brought a 4 draw plastic unit from B&M it was £14 or 2 for £25 It has been my savoir it’s a cheap storage unit and the draws are surprisingly big. 

I have paper, colouring books, stencils and a tin of stickers in the top draw. Followed by paint and painting equipment. Then in the 3rd draw is extra craft stuff and in the bottom draw is Playdoh. 

I also brought a screw organiser from b & m although I can’t remember how much it was. For all the little craft pieces such as googlie eyes and sequins which keeps them all separate and ive even managed tofit glue and scissors in it aswell 

I have brought all the craft supplies in the box from Poundland it’s great value for money although that’s probably how I have to much. The extras draw has more pom poms in, extra glue, buttons, seasonal craft supplies just to name a few. 

Now it’s just my cupboard left to do which as you can see needs a dam good tidy 

  But the idea is that it has games, the aqua draw pad and just a few misolanious items in.

That’s all about my craft hell.  

Much love 

Rhianna xx  

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