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5am WTF

Is somebody tired……… No Im not tired! Oh the joys of a toddler who woke up at 5am! Every Monday my daughter has swimming lessons at 9.30 am then usually me my mum and the kids head off into town do a little shopping and stop for lunch. Usually it’s a lovely morning. But this morning she woke up at stupid o’clock and has been melting down over EVERYTHING. 

I want lunch she pipes up… so off we go she’s obviously hungry. We get outside a little cafe we go to a little to often, no I want dinner she says. My mum’s responds with you can have what ever you like to that for some unknown reasons results in a melt down .. I don’t even think she knew what she was melting down over. Everything seems to have calmed we leave the restaurant with 4 full tummies nip into the works. She like this particular shop and there’s lots to touch and ask for. She’s been asking for a skate board from there for about a month but I will never give in and buy it. Oh good old grandma treats her to it. We get out side and she melts down over…. we stil don’t know as she was so hysterical I couldn’t understand anything she said. The next melt down is over not wanting to walk by this point my and my mum’s patients is running thin. So enough is enough, you walk Nicely end of story ! Well you can imagine how that went down. Anyone would think she was being murdered! You can see how this morning  was going but it was a typical tired toddler sort of morning as it was fits of happy full of beans child to total melt down in 5 seconds flat! Enough is enough home time it is! She is now napping on the sofa thankfully, I’ve finally stopped pulling my hair out and everything is good in the world of a toddler again !

Thank you for letting me share my stressful morning with you. 

Anyone know the feeling?

Much love 

Rhianna xx 

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