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Bath time fun!

Bath times are great full for everyone … well once they learn to enjoy baths that’s is! I’d like to share without some cheap/ easy bath time hacks with you.

  • Poke tiny holes in an old water bottle for a rain maker that doesn’t run out before they’ve lifted it out of the water. (This can also be used with the garden with a hose )

  • If you use pump head to toe wash or foam wash put a rubber band around the pump to stop the kids going crazy with it.

  • Freeze small toys like dinos in a ice cube tray then let the kids chase them around the bath until they melt

  • Use a plastic colander as a rain maker!

  • Glue gun the holes in bath toys such a rubber ducks to stop mild growing inside them 

  • Use cheap plastic baskets from pound land and sticky hooks to store and dry bath toys 

    Please share any bath times hacks you use id love to hear them.

    Much love 

    rhianna xx 

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