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Popular boys names for 2017

This is a follow on for the Popular girls names for 2017 post 
Noah:  Meaning ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’, this is also a popular biblical name, after Noah builds an ark in the Old Testament, saving animals from a flood.

Harry: We’ve got Princess Diana to thank for putting Harry back on the map, Meaning ‘estate ruler’.

Oliver: Meaning ‘olive tree’, Oliver is thought to be energetic and good natured. 

Jack: Meaning ‘God is gracious’.

Charlie: Also a popular girls name, Charlie is a shortened version of Charles, meaning ‘free man’

James: A traditional, biblical, royal name, Meaning ‘one who follows’, famous James’ .

Oscar: Whether you hope you little Oscar becomes a great writer (Oscar Wilde) or a great designer (Oscar de la Renta), we’re sure he’ll live up to his name. Meaning ‘champion warrior’, according to Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors who ever lived.

George: Meaning ‘farmer’, George is a solid, strong and royal choice.

Leo: Meaning ‘lion’, it’s said to represent power and courage.

Sulien: means ‘sun born’ and is originally thought to be the name of the most learned man in Wales.

Arlo: This traditionally male name means ‘fortified hill’, or in other words, strengthened or protected.

Reggie: A diminutive of Reginald, this nickname is starting to become a popular name its own right. Meaning ‘counsel power’.

Albie: A super-cute name, made popular by Harry Potter, Albie is a shortened version of Albert, Alban or Albus, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’.

Finn: An old English name, originally meaning ‘blond’ .

Elijah: An old biblical name, meaning ‘Yahweh is God’.

Lucas: A nice alternative to the ever popular Luke, Lucas is a classic biblical name, meaning ‘light-giving’.

Benjamin:  Meaning ‘son of the right hand’. It is also often shortened to Ben.

Gabriel:  meaning ‘God is my strength’. It’s rise in popularity could be down to celebrity fans including Mick Jagger, Daniel Day-Lewis and Mia Farrow.

Matthew: A name that has been popular for many years, Matthew means ‘gift from God’. 

Liam: Originally a shortened version of William, for a long time we’ve thought of Liam as a name in its own right. Meaning ‘resolute protection’.

Aiden: I love that Aiden means ‘little and fiery’. 

Ethan: Meaning ‘strong’, ‘safe’ and ‘firm’.

Jacob: Meaning ‘supplanter’, it’s popular for its connotations of honesty and warmth. 

Alexander: meaning ‘defending men’. This name is also set to grow in popularity in the latter half of 2017 thanks to George and Amal Clooney!

Wyatt: meaning ‘brave in war’.

 Bowie: A cute name that’s perfect for parents who want to name their baby after the late David Bowie.  

Bear: It’s one of the most awaited baby names of the year, but whether you love or hate Cheryl and Liam Payne’s baby name, they’ve put it on the map.  

Arthur: Meaning ‘bear’. 

Sebastian: meaning ‘person from the ancient city of Sebasta’.

Hal:  tThis traditional name actually dates back to Shakespeare. A diminutive of Harold, meaning ‘army ruler’.

Montague: Recently chosen by Geri Halliwell, this unusual name means ‘pointy hill’. 

 Grey: It’s been around as a boy’s colour name for a few years now, but as it’s more frequently used as a middle name this year. 

Henry: Meaning ‘estate ruler’, this traditional boy name has been popular for years. 

Issac: Meaning ‘laughter’.

David: Another biblical name that’s been in the popular list for as long as i can remember. 

.Jude: meaning ‘praised’ is set to be popular this year.

Beau: Meaning ‘handsome’, this cute baby name is the perfect fit for your beautiful new arrival

Eissa: Rising in popularity this year, this unusual name means ‘God is salvation’.

Finley: A Greek name meaning ‘white warrior’, here’s hoping your new arrival lives up to his powerful name.

Gus: An old-school name that hasn’t been too popular for the last few years means one thing – experts predict it will start to rise again, with parents falling for its authentic charm. Meaning ‘great and magnificent’.

William: Meaning ‘resolute protector’, this popular, traditional name isn’t going anywhere. 

River: Meaning ‘strong and firm’ 

Daniel: Meaning ‘God is my judge’ this Hebrew name has been a favourite all over the world for years.

Max: With a growing number of celebrity fans, this shortened version of Maximillian, meaning ‘greatest’, or Maxwell, meaning ‘great stream’ is set to remain popular.

Theo: Meaning ‘divine gift’.

Toby: This traditional Hebrew name means ‘Lord is good’.

Teddy: Meaning ‘guardian of wealth’, 

Joshua: this biblical name means ‘generous’.Fox: 

Much love 

rhianna xx 


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