Mum Hacks! 

I was talking to a new mum at the weekend and I didn’t quite realise these were hacks or tips until I realised that no everyone did them. So I’m sharing them with you too. 
1. Roll away baby

The leg over position is great for a baby that has just started to learn to roll over. You don’t apply any pressure it just stops them from being able to roll away mid nappy change. 
2. Buggy buddy 

The Buggy buddy is a total life saver as most modern prams have 1 handle and the basket just isn’t big enough! 
3. Teething toys 

This one is only if your child already uses a dummy. If you freeze them with a little water in a small ice cube tray you have a ready made teether. Baby will also be getting mich needed fluid from it aswell. 
4. Nappy draw

Having nappies and wipes on hand at all times is a must have. So I use a draw in my living room with the nappies emptied our of there packaging so there easy to grab at any moment.
5. Vacuum storage bags. 

Not only are they great for duvets and winter clothes. As a mum of 2 under 4 I feel like I’m carrying around a wardrobe of clothes aswell as the kitchen sink. So I use a small Vacuum storage bag to put spare/ emergency clothes in to it doesn’t take up as much space in the change bag. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx


Keeping one step ahead 

Keeping on top of the house work and every day tasks can be a challenge with two kids under 4. Most days I used to feel like I was drowing under a sea of chorse and toys. I have found a few things that help me on a day to day basis keep my home running relatively smoothly.

1. Loading washing machine the night before.

This one may seem silly but I just never seems to be finished with the laundry so I find on a good day I can get 3 loads washed and dried in a day (with British weather you can’t take sun for granted ) I do have a tumble but I don’t like using it. So I just find loading the machine the night before and then when I turn the kettle on in the morning the machine goes straight on aswell. Presto 39 minutes later clean washing ready for pegging out on the line. 

2. The power hour 

This honestly has saved my life. My The Power Hour piece will explain more about this cleaning technique. 

3. Stay focused 

Playing music whilst cleaning really keeps me focused mainly as I boogy away whilst I’m doing it. 

4. Limit and contain the mess 

Having two under 4 tends to mean that as I’m cleaning there following behind leaving a trail of destruction, so I find limiting them to one small box of toys at a time does not only mean less to clean up but also teaches the kids to put away before getting more toys out. I also keep the toys in one room so I don’t end up with a house full of toys. 

5. Decluttering 

Clutter can creep up on us all. And whenit does it makes cleaning much harder. So twice a week I pick to places to declutter. I’m not talking entire rooms I’m talking small places which only take a few minutes such as kids wardrobe, side board or under the stairs. I just find this keep the clutter at bay without feeling that dreaded “oh god I’ve got to go through the bedrooms today etc “.

I hope you find this useful 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

The Grandmother i had once lost.

After reading the mother In law by Carol from mum life a blogger I avidly follow. I felt inspired to share this story with you.

Me and my grandparents were so close when I was a child, they would have us for the weekend and always take us on amazing days out. The were people i really looked up to and admired.

But then one day I can’t remember exactly when or how I was told it’s all a bit of a blur to be honest but my aunt, my mum’s sister and best friend was diagnoaed with beast cancer ( I won’t go into the details as this is about my grandmother) but she sadly lost her battle on 30th January 2002.

It hit everyone hard but especially my grandmother, she stil hasn’t greaved properly to this day! Don’t get me wrong, I cannot imagine losing a child and I honestly don’t think I would cope well either but one thing I am sure of is that I would pull my family / children etc closer not push them away. 

My grandma is known for her harsh tounge usually she’s only saying what were all thinking but know it’s inappropriate to say. But after my aunt passed she became completely uncensored and she didn’t seem to care who she hurt along the way. As I have mentioned before my mum and aunt were not only sisters they were best friends, where ever one was the other one followed. So grandma found seeing my mum particularly hard as she just expected my aunt to be following behind. The same unfortunately applied to me, I had spend my life being told how much like my aunt I was. Same frame, same attitude, same temperament even looked the same (not that I can see it). Grandma even when to the extent of telling my mum one day that the wrong daughter had tied. So as you can imagine this created a large rift between us, which for year I wondered if it would ever be able to be fixed. 

Until on 14th March 2014 my beautiful daughter was born and almost over night the woman that once seemed to have a frozen heart had almost thored out ( my dad use to call her the ice queen ). She became the effetinalte woman I had once idolized and loved dearly. 

We now meet regularly for coffee, go on days out with my children. She is a huge part of mine and the kids life again to be honest at times i don’t know what I would do without her. 

So it just goes to show how children really can make all your troubles and woes disappear.

Much love 

rhianna xx 

The many hats of a mother 

When you become a mother you automatically assume many different roles, most of which you love and seem to become more of a identity than a role others though are not so appealing. 

1. A mother.

The woman that nurtures her children. A care giver. 

2. A maid.

The woman that cleans up are her children. Washing the dishes and keeps the house in order.

3. A chair.

You sit down for a 5 minuet break and within a blink of an eye you have someone sitting on your lap weather they were invited or not. 

4. A punching bag.

I do not mean tis literally. I mean this metaphorically. No matter what age your child is, if something isn’t going quite rite you can bet it is your fault. Weather it’s an over tired baby or a teenage tantrum… You got it you’ll take the brunt of there mood. 

5. A dummy. 

Once your a mother you become a soothing divice. As a new born it tends to be feeding to sleep but as they get older then can become attached to suckling just for comfort and when you think you’ve cracked that habit. It’ll turn into cuddles, hair twiddling which even soothing action your child enjoys.

6. A climbing frame. 

What you don’t realise is that you have a sign on you that only your children can see which read “climb on me” or “jump on me”. 

7. A chef.

From around 6 months old you become a personal chef, your rolls include:

Cooking 3 meals a day.

Remembering that today they don’t like broccoli but tomorrow they will.

Smiling when they show no interest and even some disgust to the food you’ve spent the last hour lovingly preparing for them.

Producing food on demand. “I’m hungry now not in 15 minutes when it’s ready, so I’m going to have a melt down and slow down the process even more”. 

8. A bank. 

The expression “bank of mum” springs to mind. Yes everyone knows children are expensive and it doesn’t get any easier the older they get. It changes from a £5 toy to £20 to go out with there mates. What happened to bring given £2 to get a drink and chocolate bar and a packet or crisps whilst you were out doing free activities (ie the park or forest walks) with your friends. 

9. An agony aunt. 

Getting to listen to all your children’s worries however comical they can seem. Keep a straight face and offer advice. Then just pray they take it. 

10. An educator.

It is your duty as a mother to teach your children everything they need to know to be a well rounded individual. From empathy and love to shapes and colours. This is by far the most rewarding and is truly a perfect example of the more you put in the more you will get back. 
Let me know which is your most and least favourite mum hat! Or any other hat you take on. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Sale shopping for the crazy Christmas lady 

I love Christmas it’s the only holiday I celebrate really, and oh I go all out!. I am also a crazy Christmas shopper, I start early for bargins and to spread the cost. Christmas is expensive for us , we both have largr families as well as our sons birthday in november, my partners december and christmas as well. 

Today when I went into my local town which is very very small I did manage to get some bargins for the kids. 

Lovely floral jumper only £3 peacocks

Denim dress £8 peacocks 

Hair bows £1 each pound land 

This bag wasn’t a sale item but o couldn’t resist £9 peacocks

Joggers £4 peacocks

Peacocks have a massive sale I also got a few just tank tops in various colours for £1 each!  

At this rate I’ll be done by October lol.

Much love 

Rhianna xxx

First A&E trip!

Saturday night …. bath time….. trip to A&E
My daughter had already technically had 2 A&E trips but with hers she was taken in an ambulance as she’s had 2 febrile seizure. The first time we had no idea what is was and thought she was having breathing difficulties after the seizure as she went limp and started to go blue. The second time i know it was going to happened seconds before it did and knew exactly what it was. The took her in an ambulance the first time out of recortion but the second time she swallowed a little sick and so had to be nebulised,  which let to an increased heart rate which left us admitted into hospital for 3 days until it had returned to normal. Although these was horrifying times for us it never felt like an actual A&E trip. 

Until last night dinner finished and washing up done. Time for a bath. I turned my back to get a towel for my son as he wanted out, he stood up and slipped. Smashed his face on the edge of the bath which ended up with an impact split about 2/3 cm long. Strangely it didn’t bleed a lot but it was about half a cm wide so I knew we needed to go to the hospital. He’s a typical boy always digging in garden, jumping off things he shouldn’t, I do nothing but wipe his mucky face. So I was worried about infection with an open wound that large. A&E were great the agreed with me and decided to glue it together to stop infection and he would t be able to pick it like he would a stitch.

He screamed the place down. I don’t think it was the pain or the cleaning etc it was the fact he was being restrained for this all to happen. Nearly 24hrs later and he still being off with me :(. 

I have feeling this will be the first of any trips unfortunately, I just can’t believe he’s only 20months and has already had to be glued back together. 

Hope you all had a better Saturday night than I did.

Much love 

rhianna xx 

Since when did I have siblings??

My family have always said I looked young for my age but I’ve never really seem it, I’m just me! But since having the children it had stopped being mentioned, I’d stopped getting asked for ID for a bottle opener at the supermarket. Yes that did happen I got ID for a bottle opener and a tin opener on two separate occations.

But this morning when the delivery driver came my eldest was chatting away… well doing her I’m nervous and I’m not so sure what to say so I’m not going to make total sence or souly use real words. I’m amungest the rubbish and the gilly gilly sounds she said my grandma gone (my mum had left about a hour previous to this). The driver clearly didn’t hear or understand her as he replied “oh it’s ok your mummy will be back soon, but it’s ok your sister is here”. I was stunned and didn’t know what to say or do. I decided not to embarrass the driver and just sign for my parcel, thank him and shut the door. 

After feeling shocked , insulted and a little upset i gave my self a shake and thought to myself hey you don’t look like a nearly 30 mum of two under 4. You don’t look like you haven’t had a good night’s sleep on what feels like forever, clearly I looked a lot better than I felt!

So now as I look back on this morning I see it as a complement and so should anyone else who this happens to!

High five 🖐 if your lucky enough to look like your children’s older sister.

Much love 

Rhianna xx