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The power hour 

Ice recently got into doing a power hour of cleaning ! I know it’s a bit behind and people have been doing it for what seems like forever! But honestly I’ve never needed it really before, but now it’s the summer my kids live outside and so unfortunately my housework has really suffered as a result. Power hour has saved my life… well my house from destruction. 

Today’s list (excuses the scruffy handwriting, i wasn’t planning on taking a picture of it )

I find the best results happen when I write a check list of jobs and tick them off as I go. I only use this for day to day jobs such as hovering or cleaning the bathroom and the odd weekly job. I then clean like a mad woman for 1 hour and the results are truly amazing!!

An hour goes surprisingly slow so it’s good to write more jobs than you think you can do. I start with the jobs I least enjoy or the ones that are a necessity that way if you don’t finish it all you aren’t left with jobs that still need doing. 
Does anyone else use this method??

Much love 

Rhianna xx

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