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TOP 10 baby names

As I have mentioned before we are thinking about the possibility of baby no3 and so be being the crazy planner that I am have already started thinking about baby names for the baby that isn’t defiantly going to happen…. I know I’m ridiculous at times. So I’ve been compiling my top 10 baby names.

  • Savannah (F) : This is of Spanish origin and means treeless plain.
  • Theon (M) : Its a Greek name. In Greek the meaning of the name is: Godly.
  • Alana (F) : Is a Gaelic name the meaning and origin is uncertain it may come from the Irish Gaelic word for child.
  • Bane (M) : This is a Slavic name which means glorious defender.
  • Andrey (M) : This is an English names which means brave.
  • Trey (M) : Is another English names which means tree.
  • Evie (F): Origin of the name Evie: Derived from the Hebrew Chava (life), which is from hawwah (life). The name is borne in the Bible by the first woman, “the mother of all the living.”
  • Niyah (F) : is a variant of the name nia which has African- Swahili origin meaning purpose or aim.
  • Maddison (F) : This is of English origin and dirives from mad son or son of mad.

I would love to hear some of your suggestions as to your favourite baby names

Much love

Rhianna xx


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