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My weaning experience 

My daughter was amazing to wean I think I enjoyed it more than her. She loved everything she was given and would always clean the bowl. I made everything from scratch, freeze it down and honestly enjoyed doing it. 

Then I had my son, he refused everything I gave him. Spat everything that was put in this mouth back out at me talk about disheartening, i put all that effort in preparing his meal just to get it litterly thrown back in my face . Every meal time was a battle. I tried everything from distraction, airplanes to begging but nothing worked. The only thing I would assure he would eat was banabix (banana flavoured weetabix) and he couldn’t eat that three times a day ! But then at about 18months we had a urecka moment he just woke up and started eating ! Granted meal times are now messier than ever as I am no longer aloud to help feed him and bless him he insists on using a spoon for EVERYTHING. He now eats most things but his favourites are pasta, bakes beans and stil his banabix. 

Enough of my ramblings for now I just thought I’d share how different my children were / are and how I have had to very different experiences regarding weaning. 

I’ll write up a tips and tricks list this week as I hope it will help any new mum’s or mums struggling like I was with my son. 

Much love 

rhianna xx

12 thoughts on “My weaning experience ”

  1. I’m so lucky that my daughter loves solids. It made sending her to childcare less stressful! I really feel for parents of fussy eaters. And it’s hard because it’s not like you can force them!!!


      1. I don’t have a fussy eater on my hands. But I do have a fussy baby that won’t nap anymore and sleep in her cot 😦 she even turns on the waterworks on demand. Lol. How are they so smart at such a young age?


      2. Omg! There just so smart it’s almost painful at times! But when they get older this will frustrate you for a very different reason. My 3yr old can conger up devious plans has an amazing imagination but at times cannot or more to the point pretends she cannot follow the simplest of tasks 🤣

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      3. 😱😱😱😱 im struggling to find the right balance and learning how to say no and disciplining them. I’m a strict no smacking person, but that might change. I need to stay strong otherwise we will be raising brats!!! 😱😱😱😱


      4. I was brought up with the believes you don’t smack! And for 27yrs of my life I believed that until my daughter was around 1 and my mum admitted to tapping my hand or smacking my nappy you know nothing major but just a warning on the really bad things or dangerous things. I was lucky with my daughter she listened to the word no. But then my son came along hes now 20 months and doesn’t listen to anything you say no if he’s doing something he shouldn’t or has picked up something he shouldn’t and he runs and throws it! He’s just bad at times and I know how you feel I have smacked him but I can honestly say it’s doesn’t make a bit of difference. I’m now trying out a diciplin method I read on line. As he’s so active they recommend “pinning them down” sounds harsh doesn’t it but you just sit them on your lap use your arms to cover there’s so they can’t fling them about and hit you and you only do this so about a minute or 2. Atm he hates it so far it’s hasn’t stopped him doing it again but it has prolonged the length of time before he’s naughty again. I hope this makes sence. Xx


      5. Oh my! Every baby is different isn’t it? It’s so easy to say I’d do this and I won’t do that beforehand. But you never know until you have the baby and the time comes! I think my little one thinks the word no is a game. I say NO and she just waves her index finger around haha. Gosh we are in for a treat. We want 3 kids! 😱 I hope it works out for you! I’ll keep the pin down method in mind. My little one is approaching 1 year old now!


      6. Oh wow… it’s horrible when they do things like that as half of you wants to laugh as I’d kinds cute the first few times but the other half of you wants to pull your hair out over the dispbediant child! X


      7. Persistence is the key! And every child is different only in the last year have I truly cracked my daughter she doesn’t like shouting so all I have to do now is Say do you want me to shout or are you going to…… tidy up …. or behave… or walk Nicely…you get the point. Xx


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