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Weaning tips 

Weaning is a magic time for most mum’s and babies, watching them explore and enjoy new foods so here is just a few tips and tricks I found really really helpful with my two. 


Baby food trays, lidded icecube tray will work just as well. I got mine 3yrs ago from a 99p shop! Bargain. But unfortunately I stupidly didn’t save them so had to buy more for my son which I got on line they were quite a bit more expensive but honestly they are worth there weight in gold. There perfect for when your just starting out as there only a small portion and as there appitie grows, you can just use more and more cubes without any waste. With my daughter I used then until she was about 8months as I would empty out the trays into freezer bags and reuse them. I would do trays and trays of different veggies, potato and different main meals and just mix and match them all needed so she would have say for instance Sheppard pie (2x cubes) carrots (1 cube) broccoli (1 cube ) and so on and so forth. 
If you eat it they eat it. Obviously this is within reason but as soon as you can get your child eating the same as the rest of the family and at the same time the better for everyone. They will enjoy the interaction as well as the praise of the whole family. 
– Be patient. There will be meals times that are testing where they refuse to eat or are just screaming to the point you want to pull your hair out. But just stay calm let them interact with the food and how it feels and it’s such a new experience.

– Don’t let them be hungry. I know this sounds mad but when it comes to first foods. A hungry baby won’t eat as all they want is there milk, give them some milk about half an hour or so before any they will be a lot more willing to try.  
Don’t panic. Solid food are completely new and forgien to babies. At first they will probably hold the food in the mouth and spit a majority of it back out. Remember there still tasting it and that’s the most important thing.
All babies are different and will take to solids in there own time. As I found out with my two. 

Much love 

rhianna xx  

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