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My crazy Ikea home

It wasn’t until the other day that I was talking a “friend” I only put it in quotations as she’s a new friend, from the school and hasn’t been in my home. Which is why we were talking about kids rooms, she’s wanting to redo her son’s room. But anyway I’m getting off course, I realise during this conversation that I have an Ikea problem and an alarming amount of Ikea bargins in my home. I had never really realised just how much until now.  

So I just thought I’d share some of my favourite bargins!

Aneboda wardrobe. £49

Bargin at £49 for a wardrobe but it’s was £30 when I brought it.  It’s really good value for money with a horizontal bar and a large shelf. 

Brimnes chest of drawers £50.

Only 3 draws but the draws are huge!

My Trofast kids toy storage.

Jokkmokk Dinning table £89

I have added seat cusions and am now thinking about sanding it all down and painting it.  But that’s not any reflection on the table were just redecorating the dinning room. 


         storage containers £1.50

These are perfect for on the go meals for my 20month old. He’s a fussy eater and if we go out for dinner and they don’t serve pasta I have to take him a meal and these are the perfect size for a larger little meal.

                  highchair £15

This was actually given to us by my sister in law to use at a wedding but OMG it has come in so handy as convention highchair are a nightmare to get into the car. This one the legs detatch. It isn’t our every day high chair but it comes with us to all family gathering and special events. 

                    Paint set £6

This was the first paint set i ever brought my daughter and it’s perfect. It has a great range of colours and there a little thicker so not so drippy!

                      cars £10

These were a gift from my grandmother to my son! He loves them. Especially as they come apart. There extremely robust my son is a typical boy and they have taken a beating and are still all in perfect condition.

                    cutlery £7.75! 

I had/have really lovely rounded handled cutlery but my other half constantly moans about how he can cut food with a round handled knife so I got these to shut him up. We’ve had them about 3 years and they are such good quality, I couldn’t believe it.

Much love 

rhianna xx 

5 thoughts on “My crazy Ikea home”

    1. I wish mine was closer it’s about a 2hour drive so can’t just pop in every 5 mins for a nose…. but that’s probably a good things actually or I would just be so poor lol 🤣


      1. Oh silly me! I keep forgetting that my blogger friends aren’t just from home (Australia) as I didn’t dream that my blog would make it’s way to England! Sometimes I’m a bit sleep deprived as my daughter still wakes overnight. But yes, it’s pretty expensive over here too!

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