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Why do they grow up so fast!

Why do they grow up so fast ! It feels like only 5 minutes ago that my eldest was born! And my youngest (who is nearly 2) is stil a 6 month old baby in my eyes!

I’m petrified my youngest is due to start nursery in January and tis time next year I’ll be getting my eldest ready for school. Every keeps telling me how amazing it’ll be to get some me time and kid free time, but I honestly don’t know what I will do with the time other than worry about then and feel awful for begrudging them there freedom and Independents. 

I know it’s ridiculous and completely irrational to feel that’ll be redundant and no longer any use. But I can’t help but feel this way. 

On the plus side I will be able to drink a hot cup of tea without wearing any of it. I’ll be able to clean my house without to tornadoes leaving a wake of destruction after me. And maybe just maybe I will be able to regain a little of my identity again rather than just being someone’s mum. 

With all this said and don’t I unfortualy stil don’t feel any better about the whole situation and it will end up being more like me bored and busting a gut to pick them back up again. 

For Now though I can take my mind off it trying to organise my son’s birthday and get ready for Christmas! Yes i said it the “C” word… it’s out there now and I’m not taking it back. I am a very organised person and I have started Christmas shopping already. But I have to be we are a one income family with two children under 4 as well as a large family so starting early is the only way I can afford to get the kids everything I want to get them. Hopefully it will keep my mind busy so I won’t have to think about losing my babies to school and nursery !

Much love 

Rhianna xx 

5 thoughts on “Why do they grow up so fast!”

  1. I can relate to every word of this post! I am petrified because you really don’t know how fast time flies until you have a little one! My daughter is 11 months now, I still remember the early newborn days like it was yesterday! 😱 shes looking more like a toddler now and less like a baby 😭😭😢😢

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    1. When I had my son my daughter was a 20month old baby who had never spent the night away from me, she stayed with my parents for 2nights …. I still say I gave her my baby and she gave me back a toddler. Over night she looked all grown up I cried for like an hour (not sure how much of that was hormones though ) 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m just so scared of having no purpose 😢😭

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  2. There will always be a grand purpose for mum! It maybe different but all stages are good! There is a lot of pride in watching them grow up a little at a time. Just cherish each moment.

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