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Since when did I have siblings??

My family have always said I looked young for my age but I’ve never really seem it, I’m just me! But since having the children it had stopped being mentioned, I’d stopped getting asked for ID for a bottle opener at the supermarket. Yes that did happen I got ID for a bottle opener and a tin opener on two separate occations.

But this morning when the delivery driver came my eldest was chatting away… well doing her I’m nervous and I’m not so sure what to say so I’m not going to make total sence or souly use real words. I’m amungest the rubbish and the gilly gilly sounds she said my grandma gone (my mum had left about a hour previous to this). The driver clearly didn’t hear or understand her as he replied “oh it’s ok your mummy will be back soon, but it’s ok your sister is here”. I was stunned and didn’t know what to say or do. I decided not to embarrass the driver and just sign for my parcel, thank him and shut the door. 

After feeling shocked , insulted and a little upset i gave my self a shake and thought to myself hey you don’t look like a nearly 30 mum of two under 4. You don’t look like you haven’t had a good night’s sleep on what feels like forever, clearly I looked a lot better than I felt!

So now as I look back on this morning I see it as a complement and so should anyone else who this happens to!

High five 🖐 if your lucky enough to look like your children’s older sister.

Much love 

Rhianna xx 

2 thoughts on “Since when did I have siblings??”

  1. Haha. I am 31 this year but I look like I’m 18. No joke. When they see me with a baby, they look at me like I’m unqualified or something. It use to annoy me so much. Especially professionally as I’m also petite by nature, which didn’t help at all! I’m slowly trying to accept it and embrace it. But I still get asked for ID even when I’m carrying my daughter lol

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