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First A&E trip!

Saturday night …. bath time….. trip to A&E
My daughter had already technically had 2 A&E trips but with hers she was taken in an ambulance as she’s had 2 febrile seizure. The first time we had no idea what is was and thought she was having breathing difficulties after the seizure as she went limp and started to go blue. The second time i know it was going to happened seconds before it did and knew exactly what it was. The took her in an ambulance the first time out of recortion but the second time she swallowed a little sick and so had to be nebulised,  which let to an increased heart rate which left us admitted into hospital for 3 days until it had returned to normal. Although these was horrifying times for us it never felt like an actual A&E trip. 

Until last night dinner finished and washing up done. Time for a bath. I turned my back to get a towel for my son as he wanted out, he stood up and slipped. Smashed his face on the edge of the bath which ended up with an impact split about 2/3 cm long. Strangely it didn’t bleed a lot but it was about half a cm wide so I knew we needed to go to the hospital. He’s a typical boy always digging in garden, jumping off things he shouldn’t, I do nothing but wipe his mucky face. So I was worried about infection with an open wound that large. A&E were great the agreed with me and decided to glue it together to stop infection and he would t be able to pick it like he would a stitch.

He screamed the place down. I don’t think it was the pain or the cleaning etc it was the fact he was being restrained for this all to happen. Nearly 24hrs later and he still being off with me :(. 

I have feeling this will be the first of any trips unfortunately, I just can’t believe he’s only 20months and has already had to be glued back together. 

Hope you all had a better Saturday night than I did.

Much love 

rhianna xx 

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