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Sale shopping for the crazy Christmas lady 

I love Christmas it’s the only holiday I celebrate really, and oh I go all out!. I am also a crazy Christmas shopper, I start early for bargins and to spread the cost. Christmas is expensive for us , we both have largr families as well as our sons birthday in november, my partners december and christmas as well. 

Today when I went into my local town which is very very small I did manage to get some bargins for the kids. 

Lovely floral jumper only £3 peacocks

Denim dress £8 peacocks 

Hair bows £1 each pound land 

This bag wasn’t a sale item but o couldn’t resist £9 peacocks

Joggers £4 peacocks

Peacocks have a massive sale I also got a few just tank tops in various colours for £1 each!  

At this rate I’ll be done by October lol.

Much love 

Rhianna xxx

9 thoughts on “Sale shopping for the crazy Christmas lady ”

      1. I currently have a stash of around 6 rolls of paper that reduced from £2 to 20p, 3 boxes of crackers and whole bunch of ribbon, tape and cards! It’s the worst thing about working in retail you tend to buy a little too much! My flats going to look a little like Santa’s grotto this year I think haha!

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      2. There is nothing wrong with a grotto… my problem is storing it all 😭. I even brought new hanging stars for the windows this year (you know thelarge wodden wicker type ones ) reduced from £10 to £2 each… my problem is I just can’t leave them on the shelf when it’s a good buy x


  1. Great Post! I always try to start buying for my little one early in the year as there is only two days between her birthday and Christmas day (nicely planned I know!). My only problem is I don’t “save money” because I just keep buying all year round! 🙂
    I look forward to reading more of your posts, by the way the bag is very cute x

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    1. Awww thank you…. I know what you mean … last year I’m sure I spent more in the long run as i filled my living room with presents!… omg Christmas and both birthday! Total crap planning there! I would have thought you’d learnt after your first haha… I was thinking about doing a post about all the things I had currently brought but didn’t really think anyone would be interested 🤣. Xx


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