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The many hats of a mother 

When you become a mother you automatically assume many different roles, most of which you love and seem to become more of a identity than a role others though are not so appealing. 

1. A mother.

The woman that nurtures her children. A care giver. 

2. A maid.

The woman that cleans up are her children. Washing the dishes and keeps the house in order.

3. A chair.

You sit down for a 5 minuet break and within a blink of an eye you have someone sitting on your lap weather they were invited or not. 

4. A punching bag.

I do not mean tis literally. I mean this metaphorically. No matter what age your child is, if something isn’t going quite rite you can bet it is your fault. Weather it’s an over tired baby or a teenage tantrum… You got it you’ll take the brunt of there mood. 

5. A dummy. 

Once your a mother you become a soothing divice. As a new born it tends to be feeding to sleep but as they get older then can become attached to suckling just for comfort and when you think you’ve cracked that habit. It’ll turn into cuddles, hair twiddling which even soothing action your child enjoys.

6. A climbing frame. 

What you don’t realise is that you have a sign on you that only your children can see which read “climb on me” or “jump on me”. 

7. A chef.

From around 6 months old you become a personal chef, your rolls include:

Cooking 3 meals a day.

Remembering that today they don’t like broccoli but tomorrow they will.

Smiling when they show no interest and even some disgust to the food you’ve spent the last hour lovingly preparing for them.

Producing food on demand. “I’m hungry now not in 15 minutes when it’s ready, so I’m going to have a melt down and slow down the process even more”. 

8. A bank. 

The expression “bank of mum” springs to mind. Yes everyone knows children are expensive and it doesn’t get any easier the older they get. It changes from a £5 toy to £20 to go out with there mates. What happened to bring given £2 to get a drink and chocolate bar and a packet or crisps whilst you were out doing free activities (ie the park or forest walks) with your friends. 

9. An agony aunt. 

Getting to listen to all your children’s worries however comical they can seem. Keep a straight face and offer advice. Then just pray they take it. 

10. An educator.

It is your duty as a mother to teach your children everything they need to know to be a well rounded individual. From empathy and love to shapes and colours. This is by far the most rewarding and is truly a perfect example of the more you put in the more you will get back. 
Let me know which is your most and least favourite mum hat! Or any other hat you take on. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

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