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The Grandmother i had once lost.

After reading the mother In law by Carol from mum life a blogger I avidly follow. I felt inspired to share this story with you.

Me and my grandparents were so close when I was a child, they would have us for the weekend and always take us on amazing days out. The were people i really looked up to and admired.

But then one day I can’t remember exactly when or how I was told it’s all a bit of a blur to be honest but my aunt, my mum’s sister and best friend was diagnoaed with beast cancer ( I won’t go into the details as this is about my grandmother) but she sadly lost her battle on 30th January 2002.

It hit everyone hard but especially my grandmother, she stil hasn’t greaved properly to this day! Don’t get me wrong, I cannot imagine losing a child and I honestly don’t think I would cope well either but one thing I am sure of is that I would pull my family / children etc closer not push them away. 

My grandma is known for her harsh tounge usually she’s only saying what were all thinking but know it’s inappropriate to say. But after my aunt passed she became completely uncensored and she didn’t seem to care who she hurt along the way. As I have mentioned before my mum and aunt were not only sisters they were best friends, where ever one was the other one followed. So grandma found seeing my mum particularly hard as she just expected my aunt to be following behind. The same unfortunately applied to me, I had spend my life being told how much like my aunt I was. Same frame, same attitude, same temperament even looked the same (not that I can see it). Grandma even when to the extent of telling my mum one day that the wrong daughter had tied. So as you can imagine this created a large rift between us, which for year I wondered if it would ever be able to be fixed. 

Until on 14th March 2014 my beautiful daughter was born and almost over night the woman that once seemed to have a frozen heart had almost thored out ( my dad use to call her the ice queen ). She became the effetinalte woman I had once idolized and loved dearly. 

We now meet regularly for coffee, go on days out with my children. She is a huge part of mine and the kids life again to be honest at times i don’t know what I would do without her. 

So it just goes to show how children really can make all your troubles and woes disappear.

Much love 

rhianna xx 


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