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Mum Hacks! 

I was talking to a new mum at the weekend and I didn’t quite realise these were hacks or tips until I realised that no everyone did them. So I’m sharing them with you too. 
1. Roll away baby

The leg over position is great for a baby that has just started to learn to roll over. You don’t apply any pressure it just stops them from being able to roll away mid nappy change. 
2. Buggy buddy 

The Buggy buddy is a total life saver as most modern prams have 1 handle and the basket just isn’t big enough! 
3. Teething toys 

This one is only if your child already uses a dummy. If you freeze them with a little water in a small ice cube tray you have a ready made teether. Baby will also be getting mich needed fluid from it aswell. 
4. Nappy draw

Having nappies and wipes on hand at all times is a must have. So I use a draw in my living room with the nappies emptied our of there packaging so there easy to grab at any moment.
5. Vacuum storage bags. 

Not only are they great for duvets and winter clothes. As a mum of 2 under 4 I feel like I’m carrying around a wardrobe of clothes aswell as the kitchen sink. So I use a small Vacuum storage bag to put spare/ emergency clothes in to it doesn’t take up as much space in the change bag. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

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