5 more mum hacks 

Mum hacks are the staple of my life. Anything to make my life less stressful then I’m in! 

Here a 5 mum / life hacks that i use in my everyday life!.

1. Drippy ice lollies 

Use a cup cake case to catch the drips 

2. Ran out of febreeze?

Use fabric conditioner and water mixed in a spray bottle!

3. Brown bananas.

Keep clingfilm over the ends of your bananas to keep them fresher for longer.

4. Baby proofing on a budget. 

Baby proofing cupboard locks can be expensive and well just a pain in the bum. So use linkie baby toys to stop little fingers getting in. These are also great for baby proofing on the go. People don’t realise how inappropriate there homes can be until they have children of there own and in my experience they end up feeling bad that there child free one isn’t equipped for your children… mad I know. Which is why these are great as you can bring spear linkies with you and use as needed. 

5. Sandy toes.

Whether it’s in the sand pit or down the beach sand is the devil! Use talcum powder to remove the excess moisture then the sand will just rub off. 
That’s it for today, please share any mum hacks below.

Much love 

Rhianna xx 


Bank holiday baking part 2

So after spending what felt like forever baking it’s was more like 36hours! It was for the most part a success. I must admit though I did forget to photo most of them before it was devoured by a pack of hungry wolf’s. 

I managed to bake a chocolate birthday cake. 

24 carrot and cream cheese muffins 

12 chocolate muffins and 12 vanilla muffins both with buttercream frosting 

Honestly chuffed even if o do say so myself!

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Meal planning 

As a mother of two under 4 with a partner that works long hour’s I feel like a single mother at times. So I battle this with lists for lists! Honestly i have a list for everything. But one of my big ones and i feel questionably one of the most important is my meal plan. 

The Benifits of meal planning !

1. It save hours in the supermarket.

Knowing exactly what you have to get and not wavering from that list means shopping is a quick, stress free and saves money when shopping with two little ones. 

2. Minimises waste. 

Checking what food you have left from last week is essential to minimising waste. Plan meals around that’s left first, for example if you have veg left then you need a meal that includes what vegetables you have left over or if you have some chicken etc.

3. Knowing what’s on for dinner.

I personally only plan dinner as my children eat cereal for breakfast most days. So knowing what’s for dinner helps me decide what’s for lunch. My son would live off pasta of he was allowed so there for if we’re having pasta for dinner then pasta is off the menu for lunch. 

4. Pick meals that use some of the same ingredients.

This on sounds strange in the title as I can’t find another that to world it so I’ll use an example.

( I’ve used same colours for same ingredients so it will reduce the money spent and the left over waste) 

All the black items are either one time use so there doesn’t tend to be waste, items I regularly by or items I would tend to have in the cupboard such as rice or pasta. 

Being organised and on top of everything makes life 10x easyer. Most of you are mum’s so I don’t need to explain how time saving is imperative. 

I also like to bulk cook when I can and have meals in the freezer, a dear friend of mine said one day (she didn’t mean it maliciously she just doesn’t have children so is ignorant to how much time you don’t have). 

She said “why are you freezing meals, you don’t don’t work or anything so you must have time to cook fresh everynight” I chuckled as she as only 10 weeks pregnant at the time. “I’m going to cook fresh for my baby every night, no freezer meals for us”

She is in for a short sharp shock when her baby arrives!

Anyway I’m rambling now. Have an amazing bank holiday weekend everyone!!!

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Bank holiday baking!

August bank holiday weekend always calls for a can’t BBQ. We’ve got 35 with children coming this year. As usual my grandma has asking me to bake cakes. The last few year the bbq has fallen around my cousins birthday so I’ve always done him his favorite Victoria sandwich style cake, vanilla sponge, jam and butter icing. Last year my daughter who was then 2 helped my decorate it so it looked like it had my smacked arround the face with a sprinkle factory.

Previously to that I used to do my lemon and poppy seed cake or occasionally a chocolate (although I tend to save that for Christmas gatherings). But this year I have allowed requestes so I am baking my famous chocolate cake and I thought I’d try carrot cake muffins. 

*disclaimer I have a weird  “thing” about vegetables In puddings and fruit with dinner. 

So I have no idea what carrot cake is supposed to taste like so I’m defiantly going to be winging it. My 3 yr old will be helping so if it all goes Pete tong then I can just put it down to her helping…. can’t i???? 🤣🤣

But on Tuesday I got bitten on my ankle, Wednesday we went to the zoo and so it ballooned up and it seems to be getting worse, the skin around the bite is blistering AND THEN today 3 days on after being out today, but in the car as a passanger so very little walking. My foot has swollen and if I attempt to walk my ankle feels like it is going snap.!

If anyone has any tips or idea how to treat my ankle please so share. 

Everyone else please pray for my baking this weekend trying not to aggravate my ankle or food!  WISH ME LUCK 
Much love 

rhianna xx 


Back to the drawing board it seems!

My daughter as honestly a breeze to discipline, say no and she’ll stop or leave it alone for instance. And now she’s coming up for 4, she’s trying to push the boundaries but honestly I just threaten to shout (she hates shouting)  and she instantly stops!

Now on the other hand there is my monster of a son. To him no means carry on! He just doesn’t seem to respond to anything. He’s 21months and so his understanding is limited ? I’m considering starting a naughty spot with him but is he to young? Will he understand? Or am I just going to spend the entire day putting him back after he wonders off?? 

I feel so confused, I think ive read to many articles and they have scrambled my brain. Sometimes I feel “that’ll never work he’s to little”. I wonder if that me holding him back and he could possibly get it?  


But something needs to be done, don’t get me wrong he’s not a complete terror but he also can’t get away with bad behaviour?

So I begging for any advice or tricks you can give me. 

It feels silly asking as my daughter is so well behaved, it’s just what worked with her don’t work for him. 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

Boys trousers !

Ive been asking myself Why is it that trousers never fit my son?

This has been baffling me for the last 21months, I never had a problem with my daughter’s trousers constantly falling down. 

What is because she was a little chunky monkey? 

Is it because my son has a tiny waist? 

No I’ve concluded that it is because girls have leggings!! They are naturally tight and stretchy so just fit better over all!

Boys the other hand don’t have that luxury (I am aware you can get leggings for boys but there just not for my taste). Boys jeans seem to have the space capacity for a nappy but the waist doesn’t sinch in??? It makes you wonder if designers of children’s clothes actually have children. 

As for the adjustable inserts in the waist, there a complete waste of time in my opinion, they just don’t make the blindest of difference. Oh and don’t get me started on the joggers with the strings on the front!! There just false advertisement, they give you false hope that they could actually solve all your problems and then ots ripped away from you when you realize that once again there fake and are totally useless! 

If anyone out there feels my pain or even better has solved this problem and knows some magic elf making boys trousers that actually fit please put me out of my misery!

Much love

Rhianna xx 

Calling anyone with a taste bud.

I’ve always had a love for cooking but since the children have been born, I’ve become Lot less adventurous and have almost lost my passion.

I’m stuck in a rut of cooking meals i know the kids will eat and my repertoire seems to have diminished 😭.

I treated myself to a new oven last weekend it arrived Wednesday and my passions is beginning to return with it but sadly my imagination seems to still be missing. I’m in need of serious help. So I’m asking no I’m begging you to share some of your family favourites to get my taste buds tingling and my imagination bursting!

So please please share some recipes/links/or just ideas with me.

Much love 

Rhianna xxx