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Proud mummy moment 

It seems like a million years ago that my daughter was in nappies, potty training went retativly smoothly and the nights were even easier (touch wood not one accident ) but the problem I had been faced with was that she refused to use the toilet.

 So I brought her a Prince lionheart toilet seat (in fuschia pink which in actual fact is RED ) after some bribery and convincing she gave in, used it and loved it. I thought I had solved all my problems, oh how I was wrong.

 The next hurdle became when I was shopping with my parents. My dad had realised he’s left his phone at home (the supermarket is only 5mins from there house) so he popped home to get it, with the potty in the boot !. Typically she decided she needed to go and when she realised we didn’t have the potty or the seat she proceeded to melt down in the toilets of morrisons 😢, refused to go and held it until he returned. So from that day on I’ve had to take a potty everywhere with me! 

Until today! After being out all day when we got home she anouced she needed the toilet, I let her through the stair gate and off she went like normal. No more was thought about it, until i needed to go about an hour later. Realised I had left her seat hanging on the hook after cleaning the bathroom this morning? Being unsure and a little weary I left it until she needed to go again but this time followed her up the stairs to find her happily sitting on the big toilet, no seat no nothing!  I’m so so so proud of her for finally feeling brave enough to give it a go!

#pround mummy moment 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

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