Baby, Motherhood

Just another week with a melt down child 

This week as been a very uneventful week! Yet I feel like I’ve had no time to get anything done, hence the feeling of unacheivement? 

My daughter is mad about dogs currently, luckily for her my grandparents are dog sitting so we spend Wednesday with them. By the end of the day the dog (which is an 18month old lab) was so knackered he was napping, my youngest was on his second nap of the day and my eldest was so hyper she could bearly concentrate. On the flip side they were both passed out cold in bed by 6.45 and I didn’t hear a peep out of them until 7am the next morning ! Bonus! 

My youngest is 21 months and is going through a faze I must admit isn’t my favorite he’s become clingy, winey and irritable. He doesn’t always want me but makes it very clear I cannot leave the room! 

Clingy probably isn’t the correct word as I left him with my mum last Friday and he didn’t even bat an eyelid. It’s more I guess attention carving or seeking, melt downs are becoming a regular accurance in fact he had one this morning over his cup being empty… I have to wonder if it’s lack of speech contributing to the mood swings and melt downs. He clearly understands a vast majority of what I say just unfortunately only uses 3 words 😦

  • Nite nite 
  • Tah 
  • Mum (vary rearly) 

Only other words are really more sounds such as quack or choochoo

Has anyone else been through anything simular or have any advice I would be extremely grateful!

Much love 

rhianna xx 


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