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Potty training #3

As I have mentioned before in ahhh potty training I potty trained my daught some time ago now. Night training proved much easier than I could have ever imagined, not one accident!  I lifted her for about 4nights but she never peed then on the 5th night she woke up very upset. Oh no I thought but no she needed to go so I quickly scurried her to the toilet realising she had already worked out herself to wake if her bladder was full. Which was fantastic the only down fall was every time she needed  to go she would scream mummy from her bed for me to go and help her to the toilet. 

Until tonight she shouted me but by the time I had reached the top of the stairs she was out of bed and in the bathroom, such a big girl. 

I honestly feel people put to much pressure on potty training and what age it should be done. Well at least in my experience I had a lot of unhelpful comments such as,  so and so is potty trained already , I potty trained my children at 2. I just wanted to scream every child is different. And defiantly in my experience they will do it when there good a ready!

Trusting your motherly instinct is oh so necessary in so many integral parts of mother hood. This being one !!

Much love 

Rhianna Xx

5 thoughts on “Potty training #3”

    1. The best advice I can give is they’ll do it when they want ! There no point trying to train a child that has no awareness that they doing a wee. The other great tip I have is when you are wanting to start change there nappy as much as possible so they are never wet and then they will hate being wet. I did this with my daughter and it got to the point she started to ask for a new nappy so that’s when I started potty training xx

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      1. Great post! Potty training is definitely interesting.. I remember being in the middle of Asda on a very busy afternoon and my little one decided she needed a poop.. there and then! I think I ran quicker than Usain Bolt that day lol bless them! I wish I had got this post handy at the time 😊

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      2. Oh thats great! Thanks for the advice! I don’t think we will be doing it anytime soon. She still can’t tell me shes done a poo! So she’ll happily play when shes got a dirty nappy lol. But I’m with you when it comes to they are ready when they are ready. No point pushing them!

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