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We are in need of moving home. We have a two bedroom house, which when we moved in we had only one child who was 9months old, no plan of anotger for a good few years and at the time I was desperate to move back home and ant cost. 

I love the house it’s stil needs work to make it perfect but like I said we moved with  9month old and very shortly after fell pregnant with our youngest. So home improvements weren’t at the top of our to do list! 

The problem is we don’t want to have to move EVER again so the next house has to be perfect. I’m not sure if striving for perfection is what is making this seem impossible or if the right house just isn’t out there at the moment?

We don’t really want to move but the kids can’t share a room for forever! 

Help!! Is it me or is the right house just no out there???

Much love 

Rhianna xx

3 thoughts on “Procrastinating ”

  1. You will find the right house eventually! It’s hard to find the perfect house (unless you have unlimited funds) so there will always be compromises. But buying a house is a lot about that ‘feeling’ you get when you view it. It’s either there or it isn’t. I only looked at one house when we bought ours because I just knew! I’m not saying it is always that easy though, but lots of people have said the same thing. Good luck! X

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    1. Thank you for your comment. That’s exactly it.. perfection comes at a hefty price! But the feeling hasn’t been there my partner recons it’s because I don’t want to compromise but I think your right it is the feeling that has been lacking xxx

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