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To big bed or not to big bed!

Recently we have been talking bout weather or not to transition our youngest into a toddler bed. Our daughter was in a toddler bed from about 15months, I know it might seem young but she was ready and then at 21 months she was in a full sized single bed. This was because we didn’t see the need to buy another cotbed as she was already using it as a toddler bed.

So with my son now 21months it seems to us the right time to take the bars away!! 

But oh and it’s a big but. My son Is a typical boy he’s naughty and cheeky and we stil have no idea how he managed to get onto or on top of the things he does.  So I am petrified of him turning bed time into a game and constantly getting out of bed. 

We never has any of these problems woth our daughter she has for the most part has always been a good sleeper. She went through a stage at about 18months of hysterically screaming and refusing to get into bed but we soon snapped her out of that. We’re as my son has been a terrible sleeper who has only really been completely sleep trained about 3months and so I don’t want to go backwards of I can help it. 

So there it is the dilemma!!!!

Much love 

Rhianna xx

5 thoughts on “To big bed or not to big bed!”

  1. I am going to watch this space!

    Unfortunately for my daughter, she has always been one to rotate a 360 in her sleep. This is why no one can sleep with her because she’ll kick you in the face or your side haha. I’m worried for later, what if she falls off the bed and wakes herself up? Because then she’ll get up and play!

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    1. That was half the reason we put our daughter in a toddler bed so young. She thrashed around so much she used to wake with her foot stuck in bars. We changed her room around and pushed then bed up to the wall and used a bed rail for the other side (the ones that are a metal frame and then fabric! ) like magic no more feet stuck. She now is 3 1/2 and sleeps relatively still.
      But I under stand the worrie I’m worried he’ll get out and start waking his sister or trashing there room ! Atleast at the moment has caged in x

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      1. It’s great to know that they settle down and stop moving at about 3 years old! My little hits her head on the cot bars alot! Sometimes though, shes in deep sleep and doesn’t wake up! Phew…! Hope it goes well when you transfer your son to a bed 🙂

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