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Boys trousers !

Ive been asking myself Why is it that trousers never fit my son?

This has been baffling me for the last 21months, I never had a problem with my daughter’s trousers constantly falling down. 

What is because she was a little chunky monkey? 

Is it because my son has a tiny waist? 

No I’ve concluded that it is because girls have leggings!! They are naturally tight and stretchy so just fit better over all!

Boys the other hand don’t have that luxury (I am aware you can get leggings for boys but there just not for my taste). Boys jeans seem to have the space capacity for a nappy but the waist doesn’t sinch in??? It makes you wonder if designers of children’s clothes actually have children. 

As for the adjustable inserts in the waist, there a complete waste of time in my opinion, they just don’t make the blindest of difference. Oh and don’t get me started on the joggers with the strings on the front!! There just false advertisement, they give you false hope that they could actually solve all your problems and then ots ripped away from you when you realize that once again there fake and are totally useless! 

If anyone out there feels my pain or even better has solved this problem and knows some magic elf making boys trousers that actually fit please put me out of my misery!

Much love

Rhianna xx 

4 thoughts on “Boys trousers !”

    1. It been great over the summer as I’ve has him in a size down shorts but he’s so so long… that I can’t do the same in trousers. Boys leggings aren’t something you see that often on the high street but I’ve seen them for sale on line xx

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