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Back to the drawing board it seems!

My daughter as honestly a breeze to discipline, say no and she’ll stop or leave it alone for instance. And now she’s coming up for 4, she’s trying to push the boundaries but honestly I just threaten to shout (she hates shouting)  and she instantly stops!

Now on the other hand there is my monster of a son. To him no means carry on! He just doesn’t seem to respond to anything. He’s 21months and so his understanding is limited ? I’m considering starting a naughty spot with him but is he to young? Will he understand? Or am I just going to spend the entire day putting him back after he wonders off?? 

I feel so confused, I think ive read to many articles and they have scrambled my brain. Sometimes I feel “that’ll never work he’s to little”. I wonder if that me holding him back and he could possibly get it?  


But something needs to be done, don’t get me wrong he’s not a complete terror but he also can’t get away with bad behaviour?

So I begging for any advice or tricks you can give me. 

It feels silly asking as my daughter is so well behaved, it’s just what worked with her don’t work for him. 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

4 thoughts on “Discipline”

  1. The best part of having children is you can raise them the same but they can turn out totally different! At 21 months, he is old enough to understand “timeout”. He might not stay sitting long, but if you put him back each time and keep the timeout short, he will begin to understand. My opinion anyway.

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    1. Time out is in my eyes a very American things that has only really been used by us brits for the past say 10 years max so this is why I think I’m struggling with the understanding factor but I definatly think it’s time to give it a go xx


  2. Hi Rihanna! Oh i am watching this space. My daughter isn’t far behind. When I say NO! She just waves her index finger around and sometimes she listens and sometimes she doesnt. I don’t know if she understand though? We always think that they are young but I’ve learnt that they can be very manipulative at such a young age. They are so much smarter than we think! I say introduce the naughty corner for some time out! Good luck!

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