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Bank holiday baking!

August bank holiday weekend always calls for a can’t BBQ. We’ve got 35 with children coming this year. As usual my grandma has asking me to bake cakes. The last few year the bbq has fallen around my cousins birthday so I’ve always done him his favorite Victoria sandwich style cake, vanilla sponge, jam and butter icing. Last year my daughter who was then 2 helped my decorate it so it looked like it had my smacked arround the face with a sprinkle factory.

Previously to that I used to do my lemon and poppy seed cake or occasionally a chocolate (although I tend to save that for Christmas gatherings). But this year I have allowed requestes so I am baking my famous chocolate cake and I thought I’d try carrot cake muffins. 

*disclaimer I have a weird  “thing” about vegetables In puddings and fruit with dinner. 

So I have no idea what carrot cake is supposed to taste like so I’m defiantly going to be winging it. My 3 yr old will be helping so if it all goes Pete tong then I can just put it down to her helping…. can’t i???? 🤣🤣

But on Tuesday I got bitten on my ankle, Wednesday we went to the zoo and so it ballooned up and it seems to be getting worse, the skin around the bite is blistering AND THEN today 3 days on after being out today, but in the car as a passanger so very little walking. My foot has swollen and if I attempt to walk my ankle feels like it is going snap.!

If anyone has any tips or idea how to treat my ankle please so share. 

Everyone else please pray for my baking this weekend trying not to aggravate my ankle or food!  WISH ME LUCK 
Much love 

rhianna xx 

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