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5 more mum hacks 

Mum hacks are the staple of my life. Anything to make my life less stressful then I’m in! 

Here a 5 mum / life hacks that i use in my everyday life!.

1. Drippy ice lollies 

Use a cup cake case to catch the drips 

2. Ran out of febreeze?

Use fabric conditioner and water mixed in a spray bottle!

3. Brown bananas.

Keep clingfilm over the ends of your bananas to keep them fresher for longer.

4. Baby proofing on a budget. 

Baby proofing cupboard locks can be expensive and well just a pain in the bum. So use linkie baby toys to stop little fingers getting in. These are also great for baby proofing on the go. People don’t realise how inappropriate there homes can be until they have children of there own and in my experience they end up feeling bad that there child free one isn’t equipped for your children… mad I know. Which is why these are great as you can bring spear linkies with you and use as needed. 

5. Sandy toes.

Whether it’s in the sand pit or down the beach sand is the devil! Use talcum powder to remove the excess moisture then the sand will just rub off. 
That’s it for today, please share any mum hacks below.

Much love 

Rhianna xx 

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