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Getting nothing done!

We’re is this year going…. summer holidays are over already and it’s only 114days until Christmas!! 

I feel like I had hoped to achieve so much this year were as in reality I don’t feel like I’ve done any of it ?? 

We have hoped to redecorate the entire down stairs of our home..  did we do it nope!

We wanted to rearrange the kids room completely to suit there more toddler like needs … did we do it nope!

We wanted an adult weekend away … did we do it nope!

I think your getting the drift and although I know the year isn’t over I am also very realistic in the fact that we have winter fast approaching our youngest birthday followed a very quick 6weeks later by Christmas day it’s self!

On the flip side we do stil things we hope to do over the festive period and we have managed to survive another year without pulling all our hair out or murdering each other… ever cloud and all that. 

Oh and p.s we still haven’t plucked up the courage to move our son put of a cot we are however now debating missing the toddler bed off all together and just get him a single (he does love his sister’s bed) which will also mean we have to rearrange there room so maybe we will get one this we hoped to do this summer done atleast. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx


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