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The social calender of a 3yr old !!

Oh my, what has life come to when my toddler has a better social life than I do?


I was checking my diary today when it dawned on me that my daughter has a busier schedule than most adults. If this is what little miss socialise is like a 3 nearly 4, by the time she’s 16 she’ll have to give up on sleep all together!

Monday : Swimming lessons 

Tuesday : Nursery 

Wednesday : Nursery followed by Ballet 

Thursday : Nursery 

Friday :

Saturday : both children are there grandparents 

Sunday : 

This is her usual weeks schedule. Except this week she has a play date friday. A party Saturday so is seeing her grandparents Sunday! 

Wtf I must admit I am extremely jealous my weeks looks more like this ;

Monday – Sunday:  cleaning, cooking , running around after kids, pooy nappies, cooking , cleaning and maybe some sleep if I’m really lucky !
Do I have a little miss socialite in the making or do all kids have a Crazy schedule like this? 

Please share your children’s schedule with me. I hope your all having a lovely weekend xx

Much love 

Rhianna xxx

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