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A typical boy??

What is a typical boy ?

I never belived in “boys” and “girls” I have always belived that a child is who he or she is and there likes dislikes and behaviour was due to upbringing . 

Oh how I was wrong both of my children have been brought up the same and I don’t treat them any differently because if there gender.  Granted I have been a lot more relaxed with my son (2nd child) but isn’t every one.?. And I don’t think I was that much of a freety  mum In the first place with my daughter I have always been very children will be children, they will eat dirt and they will fall over there’s no need to panic or fret theyll live sort of mum. 

But never the less my daughter loves arts and crafts and has from a very young age she loves to sing and dance and sparkly things. 

My son still eats paint and for the 5secs in which he stops, he flicks the paintbrush so paint splirts up the walls. He loves to dance but he loves nothing more than playing in the garden with his transporter or playing on his ride on.  

His temperament is a lot different he is impatient and will go Tasmanian devil on you in the blink of an eye! Such a man thing no patience. He’s also very rough and tumble which you’d associate with a little boy. Yes forever banging something on something usually as he’s tried to climb on something he shouldn’t or jump of something he shouldn’t without looking first!

I hope this is making sence and you can really see how different they are and it’s not just personalities you could literally pidgen hole my children! My daughter doesn’t like being dirty, my son thinks a bath is full of acid ! Type of thing. 

Is anyone else’s children like this or is it just mind? 

Please let me know your thoughts 

Much love 

Rhianna xxx

2 thoughts on “A typical boy??”

  1. Mine are the other way round to yours, my boy is older. I tried not to gender stereotype TOO MUCH either but realistically I was drawn towards more boyish toys, clothes, bedroom decor…the list is endless.
    He’s 3 now and actually quite girly, he likes pink things and Skye is his fave Paw Patrol pup.
    I think a lot of that came from the introduction of pink into the house when baby sis arrived though?! He’s way more sensitive and cuddly than his sis from an early age. That said, he is also fairly rough and tumble and loves rugby tots, riding his bike and playing with tools. Whereas my 16 month old daughter is totally kamikaze, she’s fearless and very independent. I wonder if it’s more of a 2nd child thing than a gender thing? As in they have an older one to try copy/follow?xx

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    1. I know what you mean… a friend of my daughter’s (a boy) has a brother the same as my son and she said the same it a second child thing as her eldest son is very sensitive in comparison to her youngest boy. !
      Maybe it is the second child syndrome rearing its head rather than gender stereotyping.
      Thank you so much for the comment xxx

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