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Becoming a “dance mum”

Just before the summer my daughter started ballet, there was only a few weeks left of term so she didn’t get her uniform but omg she loved it! After the summer break she started again last week. She was so excited she squealed when I told her, but this week was extra special she recieved her uniform. No only does she feel like a big girl her she is the first to have one of the new uniforms so her dance teacher has made her feel extra special. Explaining she was the first to get to try the new uniform but she had to do like a fashion show to show all the other children what the new uniform looks like ! You can just imagine how ecstatic she was to be almost “the chosen one”. 

I don’t know if every dance studio is like this but the one my daughter attends, partners aren’t in the room so we don’t get to watch. Which is a shame but at the same time I’m not sure how much 3 yr / 4yr old would concentrate if all us mum’s where there cooing and clapping. 

What a different the 6weeks holidays made. Before when she would finish I would ask her what she had learnt, I wouldn’t get a reply… well that made any sence. But now she is showing me her pointy toes and her naughty toes, her plie etc.

I’m looking forward to Christmas as I am told they usually do a little show case ! Eeek excitement overload! 

So the long and short of this is … It’s the start of a long journey of pink tutus and hair pins! 

Does anyone else’s kids do dance?

Much love 

rhianna xx 

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