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2nd birthday plans 

Well it’s 5 weeks until my son’s 2nd birthday! Omg how time has flown.. so im  now preparing for this birthday. 

We’ve decided not to give him any formal party this year. We’re just going to try out a new soft play area and have a special tea. 

Now I should have learnt from last year but I didn’t and finding birthday paper in the small town we call home even in October is a total nightmare, today we weren’t to a local town which is considerably bigger but stil isn’t a city if you get my drift. There they have a paper chase which if any of you have been before you’ll know is a beautiful paper,craft,card shop but it is a little pricey. I found the most beautiful paper yhere with dinosaurs on which was £3.45 for 3m …. ouch! 

We are also copping out this year with gifts as he’s only 2 and I feel we can stil get away with minimal presents and still give him an amazing day in which he will never remember. So this year his bulk of gifts are clothes from us and 3 small toys. Although don’t feel like he’s missing out as my parents are getting him a monstrous vtech toot toot race way thingy, they already technically had his huge transporter gift from his great grandparents and the until have brought him another gift (I believe a toy airplane) and that is without aunt’s and uncles! I think he’ll do just fine !

I make my kids a cake every year without fale but I’m unsure what to do my son this year? He’s mad about trains and cars (thankfully not Thomas yet tho ) so I am thinking maybe something along the lines of this? 

But I’m really unsure?  Or maybe a bing bunny cake ? My only trouble with this is I did a bing make for my daughter second birthday. Any ideas ?? 

The only thing that is for sure is that he is a cake fiend so I’ll probably go with chocolate… who doesn’t like chocolate cake!

Anyway I hope your all having an amazing week? 

What would you suggest for a monsters 2nd birthday? 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

3 thoughts on “2nd birthday plans ”

  1. We didn’t really celebrate my eldest’s 2nd Birthday as I was in hospital with a poorly 4 week old. 😦 We got out in time to have a family picnic with him and hand over some gifts. I meant to do something for him retrospectively but then my daughter got even more poorly so it never happened. Reality is he doesn’t even remember it. What you have planned sounds perfect and I think I’ll do similar when my daughter turns 2 next May. I think your cake making skills are better than mine though….I used a “1” tin for her 1st birthday and managed to make it look like a smartie covered willy!!!xx

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    1. Omg that’s awful I take it she’s all better now was your talking bout her 2nd birthday?…. that the thing isn’t it they don’t remember there birthday you just kinda feel like it should be a big thing… My daughter is turning 4 in March so we’ve decided the can have her first “real party” but I defiantly feel a soft play or like you say a family picnic is all they need!… Oh my a Smartie covered Willy will be hilarious then you look back on his 18th for embarrassing pictures xx


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