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12 weeks of Christmas!

Wow it’s only 9weeks until Christmas, i Hope youve all started shopping?

So for inspiration this week ill be sharing some bargins i found like before

  The Christmas activity box was reduced due to the box being damaged. But I thought I would split the activity books for the kids Christmas eve boxes. All the other ideas were either on sale, on a multi by offer or purchased with vouchers. 

If your not caught up with the 12 weeks of Christmas series I’ll like the other posts 10 weeks11 weeks,12 weeks

Next week I am planning on sharing homemade craft ideas and cards for kids to make? What do you think? 

Much love 

rhianna xx

3 thoughts on “12 weeks of Christmas!”

  1. I told my husband yesterday that we should start buying Christmas gifts…. just because… it’s fun.. I was going to put it as a question, “do you think we should start buying Christmas stuff” but realize the other option has a bigger success ratio 🙂

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    1. I find it’s a double edge sword. I start early mainly for financial reasons and partly because I can’t help myself but there are members of my family who swear by going to a shopping centre at some point in December and doing every body in the same day… They are it’s less stressful but I can’t see it ?. I love to shop around have a look at a few items not be constricted to having yo find everyone’s present in 5hours ? Xx

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