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Birth marks

Birth marks like most of us come in all different shapes and sizes but there is one in particular I am looking to talk about.

Infantile haemangioma. 

This is what nhs web site says about it:

Infantile haemangiomas, also known as strawberry marks, are raised marks on the skin that are usually red. They can appear anywhere on the body.

Sometimes infantile haemangiomas occur deeper in the skin, in which case the skin can look blue or purple.

Haemangiomas are common, particularly in girls, and affect around 5% of babies soon after birth. They rapidly increase in size for the first six months before eventually shrinking and disappearing by around seven years of age.

Haemangiomas that get bigger rapidly, or those that interfere with vision or feeding, may need to be treated.

At around 3 weeks old after thinking it was a little spot my midwife told me my daughter had a strawberry mark on her face. I then very much did the typical new mum thing a turned to Google and worried myself sick! It was on the centre of her cheek and was growling rapidly, I worried about it getting so big it would restrict her air way, I worried it would ulcerate, I worried it should end up sticking out from her face, I worried she would get picked on as 7yrs it a long time to have a birth mark on your face. 

I sound very vain and image conscious saying this but that isn’t the case, however I also understand that kids can be cruel and things like that can scar you mentally for life. 

                   3 weeks old 

2 months old

 12 months old

18 month ( you can see it disapering)

2 yrs old virtually gone 

Now I can’t tell you exactly when it completely disappeared but somewhere between 2/3 one day I woke up and it had gone, as if by magic. 

She doesn’t remember ever having it.  When she looks back at photos she asked why she doesn’t have it? She actually asked me if it fell off and wanted to look for it last time she asked. 

Buy anyway this post is about sharing my feeling and my experience with a strawberry birth mark. My daughter lucked out unfortunately as she has a stork mark, had a strawberry, has a café au lait and a white birth mark. But can accure you the doctors are write and the strawberry mark will go away on it’s own. 

I just want to thank Charlie’s mum’s site. For the inspiration behind this post. 

Have you go a birth mark??

Much love 

Rhianna xx 

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