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Emergency surgery.

Last week ….. Sunday to be exact I was suddenly in excruciating pain…. Hang on let me go back a bit.

When I had my son I developed an umbilical hernia. Which the midwife asured me would correct it’s self after birth. Well it didn’t I mentioned it to my midwife at my 6weeks check up and again to my gp on a numerous number of occations. Where I was told if it wasn’t causing me any pain then the hospital wouldn’t do anything about it.  

Now on to Sunday the 5th November. I suddenly felt an excrutiating amount of pain and my entire abdamon became hard, the pain would subside so a few hours later I called the nhs 111 service when the doctor call me back he the living day lights out of my telling me that he thought my hernia was strangulated. 

“Strangulated hernia is where a part the bowel and fat pokes through a hole in the abdamon wall cutting off the blood supply to the intestine.”

He also tell me I need to get to A&E immediately and see a surgeon as I have a 24hour window until my bowl would die!

So a very panicked my heads off to A&E after 4 hours of poking prodding and scanning later. They decided thankfully my bowl isn’t constricted but my hernia is very unhappy so they try to manually like it back (which I’m sure hurt more than child birth) 

This was unsuccessful so unfortunately I was admitted into hospital and given emergency surgery. Thankfully it all went well and I was home by tea time on Monday.

One thing that does stick in my head was that the surgeon told me I was a ticking time bomb and that it should have been delt with after my son was born rather than let get this bad !

Is this the nhs failing us? Or the GPS not doing there job correctly? 

Tell me your thoughts and has anyone else had something like this happen to them??

Much love 

Rhianna xx

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