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I need serious mum help!

Right I’m just gonna get straight into this…. my just turned 2yr old was an amazing sleeper and would always go down without a fight..  until he was about 15months he started waking in the night a refusing to go to bed awake… I used to hear him banging his arms legs and head on the bars of his cot so we decided to turn his cot into a cot bed at about 21months ? hopping to solve the problem. 

We’ll it didn’t. Then when I had my emergency surgery (the first night he’d ever spent without me) he has got 100 times worse, waking 3/4times a night screaming and them being a nightmare to get back down. Not going to bed awake or if he is awake I have to stay until he falls asleep…. I know your all reading this and thinking…. leave him to scream or something but heres my problems. 

My 2 children share a room and so by almost sleep training him all over again means my daughter cannot go to bed until he’s finally asleep where ever that May be?

So please please please mum’s out there i am in desperate need of advice on what to do!!!


Much love 

Rhianna xx

7 thoughts on “I need serious mum help!”

  1. My oldest is 3 and she wakes up still for potty water or because it’s too dark.
    My son is almost 2 and he is still nursing, but can sleep in complete darkness the best.
    I feel your pain.
    I am searching for solutions myself. I usually cave and cosleep.

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  2. Eek….could you daughter go on a ready bed in your room for a short term? My son went through a big sleep regression when he turned 2 and moved into his big boy bed. We had a baby gate on his door and every night he’d mess around and finally fall asleep by the gate. The health visitor (who happened to be there to talk about my newborn at the time) said it’s because a room vs a cot seems so vast. It felt forever at the time but I look back on it and it feels like a tiny blip now. I could never stay in the room with him as he just thought that meant play time! Good luck with it all.xx

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      1. Ours is currently running at nearly 36months as we have a massive shortage of HV… I have called them and all they have to say it “I don’t really know what to suggest “. Which is really irritating


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