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12 weeks of Christmas 

Wow it’s only 4 weeks and counting now until father Christmas comes! 

First of all I do apologise for being a day late with this post I’ve just had a manic week. 

This week I want to talk about stockings!

Do you have a stocking,  a sack or may be even both?

Do you by new every year or do you have an old favorite you use year after year? 

For me, my great grandmother made us all when we were born a bucilla Christmas stocking and I must say they are beautiful. So when I had my children I grandmother (as my great grandmother is no longer with us) to make my two there very own 

As you can see mine is very well loved and looking a little tatty these days 

My partner on the other hand has nothing like this he said his mum just used to by a new one every year? For me I find this strange but we are a family of traditions where as his family isn’t.  

For example 

  • We go to my grandmother’s for Christmas every other year and on the years we don’t go we go for new years day
  • The bucilla stockings 
  • My parents, I and my cousins have a bacon sandwich breakfast round alternate homes every year so we get to see each other as we all have our own family and commitments now

The list is endless.

What are your family traditions? I am talking today about my traditions growling up as my children are stil young we are now starting our own tradtioning within our family. 

Tis the season to be jolly!

Much love 

rhianna xx  

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